Epilogues: December 2022

Epilogues: December 2022

It is a piece of ancient, not-entirely-accurate Tabby’s Place lore that every one of our residents celebrates their birthday on January 1st.

You can understand the reasoning. In most cases, we’ll never know a cat’s actual birth date, except in the case of Kozmo, whose birthday has been scientifically proven to be every day called “today.”

But cats are more mysterious than years, much less days. And cats are our best hope for the year we’re calling 2023.

A tisket, a tasket, a Gullivery good basket

We’ve been thoroughly twenty-twenty-twoed around here, humbled and happified and zested and zapped. Our losses have been epic; our expectations have been deep-fried; our provision of deep-fried catfish has left the cats in doubt of our true devotion; we have remained devoted to each other; you have remained devoted to us.

We have built a kingdom of kindness for the cats who need us most, soaring like eagles on the jetstream of your generosity. We have had to wait, and wait, and then wait for the privilege of waiting a little more, to open its merciful doors. Quinn’s Corner will be worth every anxious hour. (Some of us have begun settling in. More on that in a moment.)

We have wept waterfalls. We have met mewing miracles who have changed us more than we knew we could be changed in this late hour. Everything old has been made new, only to have to be remade the next day. We have won and we have been undone.

Love has rushed in to rescue us every time.

Luna in her forever home. LUNA. IN. HER. FOREVER. HOME!!!

And love — the love of the cats, the love inspired by the cats, the love between people who claim they can’t stand people, but then go ahead and love people as lavishly as they love cats — will twenty-twenty-three us, no matter what the days and birthdays ahead may bring.

December brought its own bewildering bounty:

Arrived: Marv, Woolie, Harry, Linnie, Roswell, Martian (pictured in top thumnbail), Shamu, Tanker, Callie, Mortimer, Possum, McGregor, Jubilee (pictured in top banner)

Adopted: Monica, Chandler, Ezri, Cinnamon Bun, Thurman, Kira, Icing, Cammy, Nat, Luna (YES LUNA YES THE MOONCHILD YES I AM YELLING), Cordelia, Bellatrix, Soup, Salad, Viggo, Puss ‘n Boots, Alora, Clementine, Ron, Shoresy, Sanguinet

Returned: Thurman

Promoted to the Community Room: Eartha, Gulliver

Who would have guessed that Angelo would become the Hospital Suite’s sveltest gentleman? (Baby, that’s who.)

Promoted to the Lobby: Antin

Promoted to the Lounge: Lynnette

Promoted to the Vet Office: Baby

Banished to Ringworm: Possum

Pioneers of Quinn’s Corner (which is to say, the first cats to occupy the first offices in the first chapter of our grand adventure): Gator, Reese, Allie, Anka, Merriweather

Promoted to Heaven: Adam, Jeannie, Humphrey, Tanner

So light some candles and eat some cakes (plural; I am taking dictation from Baby). Honor the days behind and welcome the days ahead.

Procure some catfish. Restore your hopes. Celebrate your birthday every day. Resolve to radiate in all directions, especially the “undeserving.” Be love’s rescue team. Let love rescue you.

Love cats intensely. And then love them more.

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  1. Always love the epilogues – one reason is to wonder at the names of new arrivals. Shamu? Poor kitty! Paints an unfortunate picture. But, if Shoresy can be adopted, I know that love will see the beauty and charm in Shamu and he too will find love and a new forever home and a new forever name.

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