Happy clappy June

It’s June, my little jitterbugs. It’s the happiest (handclap) clappiest (handclap) time of the year. Beach time. Pool time. Free-to-be-a-fool time. (Mark your calendars.) Are you singing? Why aren’t you singing? Sing to me, my angels of music. Better yet, swing this junebug into the nearest parking lot and tell me the truth, the way […]

Memorial mercies

Holy moly, humans. We’re a holey bowl of needers, aren’t we? Fragile doilies. Patchwork jeans. Slim slices of Swiss. But we are surrounded by creatures who consider themselves the living equivalents of chunk cheese. They are more than happy to patch our holes with melty mercy.

An overabundance of Josie

Where did you come by it? You know you have it. It’s the fire in your belly. It’s the lilac in your garden. It’s the Zebra Cake in your pantry. It’s — although you would never personally use this expression for it — your “overabundance of empathy.” It’s your greatest strength, your greatest trial, and […]