Not ours

There are things that are not for you. For instance, the presidency of the Pine Bush High School Ski Club was not for me, despite the fact that I was duly elected, despite being a freshman, despite never having skied in my life, no not even once. For another instance, Claire.

Ever given

As I write this post, there is a ship the size of the Empire State Building clogging up the Suez Canal. As I write this post, there is a cat the size of that ship clogging up our ability to function at Tabby’s Place. By the time you read this post, one of those issues […]

Divya’s inside job

My grocery store is fond of reminding me, and the grandmother price-comparing mayonnaise, and the nice man carefully selecting just the right avocados, that “every single one of us has the devil inside.” While this is a worthy avenue of theological discussion, it’s also frankly not true.

Springing forward

Maybe you were kind of a recluse before All Of This. (Maybe “kind of” is kind of an understatement.) Maybe you’re scared to death to admit you’re scared to death of everything returning to pre-All Of This. Maybe there are things you’ve learned to love about a global pandemic. It’s all OK. In fact, it’s […]