Not ours

There are things that are not for you. For instance, the presidency of the Pine Bush High School Ski Club was not for me, despite the fact that I was duly elected, despite being a freshman, despite never having skied in my life, no not even once. For another instance, Claire.

Ever given

As I write this post, there is a ship the size of the Empire State Building clogging up the Suez Canal. As I write this post, there is a cat the size of that ship clogging up our ability to function at Tabby’s Place. By the time you read this post, one of those issues […]

Guest post: Charlemagne’s cat

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a marvel of historical proportions. In each episode of his PBS series Finding Your Roots, Gates opens windows of insight into missing stories in his guests’ family trees. Sometimes, what remains undiscovered is the most compelling aspect of the program. A fun throw in to the show, whenever luck or […]

Divya’s inside job

My grocery store is fond of reminding me, and the grandmother price-comparing mayonnaise, and the nice man carefully selecting just the right avocados, that “every single one of us has the devil inside.” While this is a worthy avenue of theological discussion, it’s also frankly not true.