Advanced Tobitude

It’s time to talk Toby. Did you know that the baby who played the baby Toby in Labyrinth was also named Toby? Did you know that baby Toby is now the design supervisor for the Dark Crystal reboot, and doesn’t that kinda make your brain explode with stardust? Did you know that, despite my endless […]

Your best Chloe

There is a robust debate as to which human popularized the phrase “living my best life.” Contenders range from Snoop Dogg to Joel Osteen, with a strong case to be made for Oprah. But at Tabby’s Place, we know with absolute certainty where the phrase truly originated: cats.

The Delights of Dani

Dani delights in soft beds. Dani delights in warm laps. Dani delights in dinner. Dani delights in hidden toes. Dani delights in cat trees. Dani delights in freedom. Dani is simply a delight to behold as she glides around our lobby. And glide she does–most of the time.  Scoots had just returned to Tabby’s Place […]