Thomas Society Enrollment

Making a promise to the cats.

The Thomas Society

Keeping the Promise to Every Cat

Tabby’s Place rescues cats from hopeless situations. We embrace the neediest cats regardless of age, medical issues, or temperament and promise each cat that they will have everything they need to thrive, no matter the cost. Most of our cats go on to be adopted; but those who aren’t find a loving home for life at Tabby’s Place.

You can have a lasting impact on the cats’ future by remembering Tabby’s Place in your estate plans. When you complete this form to notify us that Tabby’s Place is included in your estate plans, we will proudly enroll you as a member of The Thomas Society, named for the very first resident of Tabby’s Place. Thomas had FIV and nowhere to turn, but he went on to be adopted and adored.

By joining The Thomas Society, you are promising cats like Thomas that they will always have a haven at Tabby’s Place. You can learn more about Thomas and your fellow society members by visiting our new website here.

Thank you!

Thomas was Tabby’s Place’s very first resident. This gentle FIV+ boy left a legacy of hope that inspires us 20 years later.