Tabby’s Place

1100 US Highway 202
Ringoes, NJ 08551

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(908) 237-5300


(908) 237-5311

Jae Hoff

Sanctuary Associate

Carolyn Schultz

Sanctuary Associate

Drew Hummel

Sanctuary Associate

Breelan Koch

Sanctuary Associate

Jennifer Wesh

Pet Retention Counselor

Jessica Hand

Junior Veterinary Technician

(908) 237-5300 ext. 238

Rebecca Wolf

Sanctuary Associate and Social Media Coordinator

Lisa Lauria

Development Associate

(908) 237-5300 ext. 601

Dr. Laura Collins, DVM


(908) 237-5300 ext. 235

Ginny Carman

Administrative Assistant

(908) 237-5300 ext. 234

Jonathan Rosenberg

Executive Director

(908) 237-5300 ext. 226

Angela Hartley

Development Director

(908) 237-5300 ext. 235

Denise Jeffries

Senior Veterinary Technician

(908) 237-5300 ext. 236

Danielle Rice

Director of Operations

(908) 237-5300 ext. 450

Karina Jewitt

Volunteer Director

(908) 237-5300 ext. 605

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