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Guest post: The Edge

Editor’s note: Welcome to a new week, kittens. I pray and trust you’re finding your way and finding your peace, and I’m grateful you keep finding your way here in these most peculiar days. Today, you are in for a special treat, courtesy of one of the kindest, coolest volunteers you will ever love. Going […]

How long?

You and I and your congressman and Lady Gaga all want to know how long the pandemic will last. How long until we can hug, and frolic, and stand within six feet of one another? How long until we can shake hands, pass the peace, pass a Werther’s Original to Grandpa, pass a day without […]

Guest post: From a lonely volunteer

Editor’s note: As we ache for our volunteers, visitors, and assorted friends/buddies/pals of two species, the next best thing to a visit is a guest blog post. Thank you, dearest Sue, for this beautiful missive. Fellow volunteers and other valiant Tabby’s Place people: if a blog post is percolating within you, hit me up. You […]


Tell me true, kittens: have you hit a day yet? Have you suddenly, innocently, inexplicably found yourself shook and shattered and shaken from all the shelters you’d fashioned for yourself in the time of pandemic? Me, too. Also Talena.