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Forever Loved: Jonathan

Let me start by “ripping off the bandage:” we lost dear Jonathan last week. His kidney values had taken a severe turn for the worse.  We started aggressive fluid therapy, which can reverse rapidly failing renal function.  It can work wonders.  But, there is no way to know how effective it will be without trying. […]

Guest post: The Last Cat

Editor’s note: Kittens, it’s my joy to introduce you to a new voice on this blog. Sue the Splendorous is not new to us at Tabby’s Place. She’s been a beloved volunteer for years. But now, Felis Catus is richer for her words and her heart. We’re all (feline and human) in for a treat… — A.H.

Fattening your Tuesday since 2009

It’s Fat Tuesday, kittens. The climax of Carnival. The ledge of Lent. The day of muchness, merry munching and madness-making before the ashes and the awe and the evaluation of the state of our souls. If that’s your thing. Around here, you know what that means. Thus commences your annual glut of globularity, your smorgasbord […]

Guest post: The happiest house panthers

Oh, kittens, you’re in for a treat today. It’s snowy in central Jersey, but our hearts are strangely warmed by one double-shot of espresso angels, Aech and Artemis. Er, I mean Frassy and Star. But don’t take it from me when you’ve got the little leopards’ own mama to tell the tale. Thanks to uber-volunteers […]