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Guest post: A lot

Size doesn’t matter. Yet, even aside from Sumo wrestlers, basketball players, and American football linebackers, some people just take up more space than others. These are the people who can’t be ignored and who, generally, won’t “just go away,” either. They might be big or small, but they’re all larger than life.


If I were to hold public office, my first act would be to end war and redirect every battle-dollar to feeding everyone of every species, preferably at the same table, whilst we all sing ballads and talk tenderly about our edifying differences. My second act would be to mandate that we all use the word […]

Guest post: Rest easy

Years ago, David Attenborough produced a documentary that included some wee, shaking, fast eating, fast sleeping rodent (or something very rodent-ish). That little creature’s rest cycle was high-speed and dizzying, yet it did rest between munching mouthfuls of grain. Human sleep cycles are much longer than that little mousie’s. Not only that, humans have bad […]

Guest post: Home again

They say you can’t go home again, and mostly that’s true. You can visit the place where you grew up, but your house will seem smaller somehow, and there will be a new shopping center where the roller rink used to be, and everything is familiar but just a few inches to the left of […]