Chasing Anka: Part I

If you are at all familiar with Tabby’s Place, then you will know of Anka, the paraplegic cat from far away Turkey. But how had he made it from the streets of Istanbul to Ringoes, NJ? We accepted that it would forever remain a mystery. But, at the end of October, 2017 I received email […]

Toasted Musk & Lovingkindness

Many people who work in animal welfare find that, as the years pass, they like people less and less.  This happens because they are naturally exposed to the awful ways that people treat animals. I have to confess, however, that after 8 years in this field, I actually like people more and more.

Ray Guns

When I was kid all the boys wanted a ray gun.  What could be cooler than toting a nifty-looking weapon that one could use to fry anything that got in your way? What’s this got to do with cats?

What’s Up With the Irish?

Ireland was a country I have always wanted to visit.  They have that whole “Emerald Isle” thing going for them, not to mention that two of my favorite bands are Irish (Stiff Little Fingers and the Cranberries). But, now I’m rethinking my position.

Torts and torties

A little over a week ago, I had the opportunity to attend the sixth annual Pennsylvania Bar Institute Animal Law Conference in Philadelphia. That means that lawyers all over the Keystone State are devoting their time, gifts and love to thinking about and working for needy animals. Heaven knows the cats (and dogs, and eared […]