Forever Loved: Honey

“Honey” appeared to be the perfect name: she was golden yellow, with a little white, and she was small and cute.  She was already 13 when she became my office mate in 2020, after it became clear that she had little tolerance for other cats … or most people. I learned quickly that the sweetness […]

Cute Cat Cleo

A few weeks ago I was contacted via email by a young man asking if I would answer some questions about cat sanctuaries for his blog. I’m always happy to speak with other ailurophiles, especially when it is someone young trying to help homeless cats.  I asked him to fire away with questions and I […]

Forever Loved: Jonathan

Let me start by “ripping off the bandage:” we lost dear Jonathan last week. His kidney values had taken a severe turn for the worse.  We started aggressive fluid therapy, which can reverse rapidly failing renal function.  It can work wonders.  But, there is no way to know how effective it will be without trying. […]

Chasing Anka: Part I

If you are at all familiar with Tabby’s Place, then you will know of Anka, the paraplegic cat from far away Turkey. But how had he made it from the streets of Istanbul to Ringoes, NJ? We accepted that it would forever remain a mystery. But, at the end of October, 2017 I received email […]

On Liking Homo Sapiens

Many people become involved in animal welfare because they don’t like humans much. No offense to any of you, but homo sapiens is not my favorite species. It is also common for people who have worked in animal welfare for a long time to say that they like people even less as time goes by. […]


I’m the first to admit that “Catso” is a terrible name for a cat.  But, one of our first FIV+ cats arrived bearing this name.  He was a wonderful cat, so before too long the name grew on us. We recently received a donation to the Linda Fund from Catso’s adopters and this reminded me […]

Levi: Forever Loved

[NOTE: The following is from Jane, an employee of Tabby’s Place and one of Levi’s favorite people.] As a staff member at Tabby’s Place I have seen many cats pass through our compassionate doors.   Some have been adopted, some still live a wonderful happy life with us and others have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. […]

Smiling Back

Despite the title of this post (more on that later), I have not been this heartbroken for some time.  One of my best friends, Tashi, has left this world. Tashi was one of the most memorable beings it has been my honor to know.  He brought more joy, laughter and amazement to Tabby’s Place, and […]