I’m the first to admit that “Catso” is a terrible name for a cat.  But, one of our first FIV+ cats arrived bearing this name.  He was a wonderful cat, so before too long the name grew on us.

We recently received a donation to the Linda Fund from Catso’s adopters and this reminded me of this funny boy.

Catso always reminded me of a cat constructed by a 3rd grader out of spare parts: it looked like a cat but the parts didn’t quite match.

  • Catso, looking soooo cute
    Catso, looking sooooo cute
  • His head and tail were from a tabby cat.
  • His eyes and torso were from a Siamese.
  • His paws were from a pure white cat.

He also had a folded ear, a huge head and incredibly tough skin.  More than once, the needle pulled off the hypodermic and when withdrawn remained stuck in his skin. We needed a pliers to retrieve the needles.

But Catso was a very sweet cat and loved nothing more than to sit in your lap and be stroked. He quickly became a staff favorite. Looking at him made you laugh and could snap you out of the foulest mood.

We were elated, but sad, when a couple from Connecticut adopted him to join their other FIV+ cat living in an in-home psychiatrist office. His new family told us that he would warm the lap of each patient as they waited for their appointment.

Catso snoozing in his office

A few years ago they informed us that dear Catso had passed on, after giving them several happy years.

Though he’s gone, Catso continues to bring a smile to my face.

2 thoughts on “Catso

  1. A Tabby’s Place miracle from the past – a sweet funny little cat that found his loving forever home with awesome adopters and changed their lives forever. Wonderful story.

  2. Who could forget this wonderful boy with the cute ear? I met Catso at one of Tabby’s Place’s first open houses years ago. Love at first sight!

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