Levi: Forever Loved

Levi: Forever Loved

levi-in-tree1[NOTE: The following is from Jane, an employee of Tabby’s Place and one of Levi’s favorite people.]

As a staff member at Tabby’s Place I have seen many cats pass through our compassionate doors.   Some have been adopted, some still live a wonderful happy life with us and others have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Each one leaves paw prints on my heart. Some of those paws reach deeper than others. Levi’s paws did just that.

Levi was found weaving and wandering the streets of central New Jersey. He had no identification and little ability to see or hear. As a feline senior citizen (15+ years) he was immediately scheduled to be euthanized at the clinic where he arrived as a stray. Thanks to Paws and Claws Society, and their generous Circle of Compassion for Animals grant, Levi was brought to Tabby’s Place.

Levi in the cat tree
Levi in the cat tree

Overcoming his obstacles seemed no problem for Levi. He quickly learned the layout of his new home and even managed to get to the top of the cat tree in the lobby. “How did he do THAT?” asked everyone that knew his physical limitations. “Because he’s Levi”, I would answer as proud as any mother.

But it was Levi’s trust and love of humans that trumped his physical abilities. He quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite.  Just one bump from his oreo colored head and you were lost in head bumps and purrs. Put him on your lap and he would stay for hours if you let him, purring and bumping and quickly lowering human blood pressure.

He became part of our daily meetings sitting with me or a wonderful volunteer (it was a race through the lobby to see who would get him first – I usually won).

As with all of our kitties the difficult questions were there.  Could he be adopted? Would he be adopted? Is there anyone who would want to adopt this senior cat that can’t see or hear? Enter super adopter Katie.

Levi on his couch
Levi on his couch

Katie saw Levi online and having cats with similar disabilities, thought he would be the perfect addition to her family. And so he was adopted into her loving home. I was both elated and torn. Who is this adopter? Would she love and care for him as much as we do? How would he handle the ride to Pittsburgh? All these questions weighed selfishly on my mind. I knew it was best for him, but how could I possibly enter the lobby without basking in his wonderfulness every day?

Katie made the five-hour trip to meet Levi and it was love at first sight. When she scooped him up, it was obvious Levi was home in her arms. His adoption left a void in my heart and in the Tabby’s Place lobby. The reality was a greater gift could not have been given to our cherished boy.

While living the wonderful life in Pittsburgh, Levi became a certified therapy cat. It was the perfect job for him. He continued to make others feel loved and comforted just as he did with us at Tabby’s Place. Katie was always in contact with us updating his progress and proudly boasting about her special boy.

Then, on July 3rd, the worst kind of correspondence from Katie was posted on the Tabby’s Place Facebook page.  Levi had not been eating and stopped giving head bumps, an indication that something was terribly wrong. Katie and the vet team in Pittsburgh were doing everything humanly possible to get this him back on track. Levi was a fighter and always had been so we were filled with hope that this was just one more obstacle that he would overcome.

Unfortunately, on Monday July 5th, Levi succumbed to his illness and peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Mama Katie’s arms.

The paw prints sweet Levi left on my heart will be there forever. I will always think of him running through the tall grass while able to clearly see and hear everything around him. I know all the Tabby’s Place kitties that crossed the rainbow bridge before him welcomed him with love.

Levi, you’ve touched so many and will be missed by all that crossed your path. Rest in peace,
sweet boy.

– Jane

7 thoughts on “Levi: Forever Loved

  1. In the two years I have been visiting Tabby’s place, contributing money and following the website, this is the saddest news I have read. I cried when I read of Levi being saved. I cried when I read of his being adopted, and I cry even more now knowing that he is gone. While I stopped by Tabby’s Place to see the kitties even before he came, he was my first TP love – I came in just to see him the day after the initial blog post about him, and often afterwards to see him and let my blood pressure drop as I pet him. I knew he was advanced in years but hoped he had a year or two more in him.

    Well, Levi, someday many of us will see you again – and you will be able to see us.

    Many :’)

  2. Thanks Jane for this beautiful tribute to Levi. He will be missed by all who were fortunate to spend time with this special guy. It was amazing to see how this sweet senior kitty melted so many hearts while at Tabbys Place. I love the pic of Levi in the former lobby cat tower (also a favorite of Dot), and I remember placing the steps nearby to help him get onto his perch.

    the August 28, 2013 blog post when Levi was adopted, has the best picture of Jane and Levi (and also with his wonderful adoptive mom).

    R.I.P. dear Levi

  3. Sweet Levi, I am so happy that the final chapters of your story played out as they did rather than a quick and unkind end after you were taken in by that first clinic. You were so very adored and you deserved it. Thank you for giving me the blessing of having known you.

  4. I read about LEVI in the Tabby’s Place blog before I met him. I wondered how could anyone get rid of a blind almost deaf elderly and major LOVABLE cat? From the first time I met LEVI I was in love he would give me a neck rub which extended to my chin. Whenever I felt bad, I’d say to LEVI, “let’s go necking LEVI” and then I was happy again. I was lucky enough to get a volunteer to take a photo of LEVI loving me. I am glad LEVI was adopted and loved so much by Katie. Furever I will love you LEVI.

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