Cute Cat Cleo

Cute Cat Cleo

A few weeks ago I was contacted via email by a young man asking if I would answer some questions about cat sanctuaries for his blog.

I’m always happy to speak with other ailurophiles, especially when it is someone young trying to help homeless cats.  I asked him to fire away with questions and I would give my best answers.

The whole experience was so touching that I had to share the results with you, and point you at the blog.  The blog is named “Cute Cat Cleo (A blog for fur babies)” and is the work of Dave and Mandy, inspired by their cat Cleo.

So, please take a few minutes to visit the blog here:  You can read about “What is a Cat Sanctuary” here: The authors get extra points for

  • digging up an old video that we had submitted to Dirty Jobs many years ago (we were not invited 🙂
  • including a photo of my former office mate Geoff

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