Guest post: CATastrophically old

Guest post: CATastrophically old

Here’s a not-so-newsworthy newsflash:

I was once a wee one.


Yes, it’s true. Way back in the last century.

Then, before I know it, I’m celebrating what I consider to be a major birthday — as in, “here comes the Medicare card” kind of major.  GASP!

But birthdays come with surprises, and this one was no exception. This was the sort of surprise that takes away the shock of the milestone.  I received a handmade card from my 15-year-old, super duper grand (yes, grand) nephew, Ben. He’s quite clever and quite the artist (he draws an especially beautiful depiction of a cat).

The card started with sweet, special wishes for the old Auntie…and then he wrote, and I quote: “You’re getting CATastrophically old…if only you had nine lives!”  Ahhhh, if only, Ben. But a sweet sentiment clothed in quite a belly laugh!


Birthdays can be a time of reflection on bygone days: my “kittenhood,” the dreaded teen-aged years, adulthood, and then the step over that half-century mark.

Ah, kittenhood.  Remember those days?  Eat, play, sleep; eat, play, sleep.  The world and everything in it were there to be explored.  Speaking of exploration, there is nothing quite like the Kitten Room at Tabby’s Place.  All rough and tumble, whiskers and fur.  “Tag, you’re it” — I heard this exchange just the other day between Mallard and Edmond (one quite a bit larger than the other, but size doesn’t matter on the playground!).

Then, the teen-aged years.  Yikes – anyone want to revisit that time in life?  Were you one of the self-confident beauties (like our Clawdia) or the “please, just let me be the wallflower” types (like our Maynard, pictured in top banner, who needs some love to rediscover how beautiful her light is)?  Or maybe you were the cool one, the Fonz, like Anka…can’t you just picture that?!

But…oops, you turned around and came smack into adulthood.  Where’d the time go?  If you’re like Tabby’s Place super mom Ida, you’ve raised your kittens, and they’ve gone on to start their lives. Now you’re looking for your niche in that proverbial empty nest.  Hurry up and find it, my fellow cat lovers, because before you know it, you’ll be sipping tea in the old rocker with our life-long buds Jupiter and Blueberry, taking that trip down memory lane.

But what a life (or nine) it is. No matter the stage of life you find yourself in, we can all take a cue from the Tabby’s Place cats: stare at the door long enough and someone will bring you chocolate, er… tuna!  And, in this season of giving thanks, be grateful for every birthday — and every day — and hug your own special kitty, thanking them for sharing the journey with you.

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  1. Wow. What a great post. Blending the cats in with your thoughts of ages and stages of living – well done. One thing the cats teach us – each age is wonderful and special if you live in the moment.

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