The Delights of Dani

Dani delights in soft beds. Dani delights in warm laps. Dani delights in dinner. Dani delights in hidden toes. Dani delights in cat trees. Dani delights in freedom. Dani is simply a delight to behold as she glides around our lobby. And glide she does–most of the time.  Scoots had just returned to Tabby’s Place […]

The Theatrical Therapy Cat

It’s been years since I watched Disney’s The Aristocats. I enjoyed it as a young girl, but found it annoying as a young adult in its polarization of the aristocracy (Madame and her Aristocats) and the working class (the Alley cats and Edgar, the butler). Society, human or feline, is far more complex than such […]

Fattening your Tuesday since 2009

It’s Fat Tuesday, kittens. The climax of Carnival. The ledge of Lent. The day of muchness, merry munching and madness-making before the ashes and the awe and the evaluation of the state of our souls. If that’s your thing. Around here, you know what that means. Thus commences your annual glut of globularity, your smorgasbord […]

Breaking news

I don’t know about you, kittens, but I’m at the breaking point. Breaking news. Shattering stories. From every screen, every speaker, it just…keeps…shouting. Some of it is news. Some of it is smoke. All of it is exhausting. It’s time we said “ENOUGH YET ALREADY!” and broke some news of our own.