Guest post: Meowy-Pedis

Many of us humans enjoy pampering ourselves with hot stone massages and hot tub soaks. We relish mani-pedis, that magnificent manicure-pedicure combination that makes us feel a little more relaxed, a little bit prettier, a little more special, and very much a whole lot of spoiled. Cats disagree: all of them, all of the time.


If I were to hold public office, my first act would be to end war and redirect every battle-dollar to feeding everyone of every species, preferably at the same table, whilst we all sing ballads and talk tenderly about our edifying differences. My second act would be to mandate that we all use the word […]

Valentitled, part II

There’s a very tiny squirrel with no tail in my local rodent community. Not a nubbin. Not a shnubbin. Not even a tuftlet of a hint of a bygone blump. She’s the runt. She’s the weirdo. She’s in a perpetual state of joy. She’s undeniably in charge. We are collectively, irrevocably, exuberantly in love with […]