Guest post: True love

Love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, vectors, and ways. Love can grow slowly, strengthening with time and togetherness. Love can creep up on us like a cat on the prowl, knocking us off our feet, taking our breath away, and leaving us wondering what hit us after it escapes out grasp.

Guest post: Tweaked

There is a big difference between allowed and personally okay in respect to just about anything. No matter how prepared a person, place, staff, and customers might be for our reawakening…coming out, dining out, being closer together…the reality once put into practice can be quite different. Our dearest Angela often reminds us that we need […]

Guest post: Anticipation

I can hear Carly Simon’s tantalizing vocals as a horizontal bottle of ketchup on a brick wall ever so slowly drips its treasure toward the sidewalk below. An actor (later a famous friend) runs down to street level to coat his hot dog in the crimson condiment. (Not judging, but I run the gamut from […]

Guest post: Sometimes

Here’s the thing. A gin & tonic with a bowl of Salsa Verde Doritos isn’t really “dinner.” But, once in a while, a person needs to meander off the path of “usually,” “really,” and “typically” in order to 1) experience different things and 2) protect one’s sanity.