Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Affogato’s Number

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Affogato’s Number

Named for a luxurious and deceptively simple Italian dessert, Affogato might just be the sweetest and most affectionate creature that ever resided at Tabby’s Place. Although his name could be confused with that of either an extravagantly-sized berry or an inordinately large scientific constant, nobody who meets Affogato will be confused about who he is or what he wants. So, instead of boggling your mind with a 24-digit number that only a chemist could love, and rather than focusing on a toast-topping fad that will pass (Will it?) as soon as the next big berry comes along (Miracle fruit anybody?), Affogato extends a very personal invitation for you to meet him at Tabby’s Place. There, in the Community Room, you will find one of the newest cats to find a seat at the Cool Kids table.

Actually, upon entering the Community Room, it’s not likely that a visitor could reach the table before being greeted by this soft cloud of swirly, brown tabby affection. Affogato will take it upon himself to seek out any newcomer, introduce himself, and make instant friends. How he hones in so quickly is as unclear as the vision in his remaining, left eye. It doesn’t matter one bit. Affogato sees enough to know that there are friends everywhere…as long as they come on two legs (Ahem, and are designed that way. Affogato insists on clarification that two-legged kangaroo cats and kangaroos are not exceptions. He did not explicate further.)

As sometimes happens, the most adoring, adorable specimen of feline perfection is exceedingly critical of others of his species. Affogato is not entirely convinced that Patches has a right to exist. He is resoundingly confident that fellow newcomer Jamie’s existence would be best continued at a far distance from him, perhaps outside the Community Room (In her castle, as pictured, is a tolerable second choice). Such suggestions being taken are the gentlest way Affogato’s makes his preference for a lack of feline companionship known. Affogato is equally clear in expressing his feelings about humans.

Presented with the opportunity to demonstrate exactly what love is, Affogato will turn to his namesake’s Italian roots and start singing That’s Amore more suavely and sweetly than even the legendary Dean Martin ever managed. Presented with fingers that scritch and rub, Affogato will turn up the charms beyond even the powers the Latin Lover himself, Rudolph Valentino, who used to reach beyond the silver screen and directly into the hearts of silent movie fans everywhere. A moment with Affogato will melt a heart as fast as hot espresso melts the gelato it is poured over.

Better than baci and sweeter still, time spent with Affogato will reaffirm or restore belief in love at first sight. The briefest stroke of his cheek renews gratitude for the magic that is Tabby’s Place. It is difficult to imagine that Affogato was ever anywhere else before. It is impossible to imagine that he will remain at Tabby’s Place for very long.

When such a cat overflows and swirls with so much affection, we are even more hopeful than the usual level of extremely hopeful. We hope that Affogado’s stay at Tabby’s Place will be for only the very briefest of moments. We are hopeful that he will grow more comfortable with the other Cool Kids should that brief moment stretch into a longer collection of moments. We are hopeful that, while he remains at Tabby’s Place, Affogato will continue performing his routines, seeking attention, and teaching us life’s lessons. But, when his forever family finally finds him, Affogato will undoubtedly come up with a different number. That song and dance certainly will be doubly sweet and triply charming. Until they arrive, though, Affogato’s number will remain the same as everyone’s at Tabby’s Place. For a good time, call.

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