Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: The Cool Kids

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: The Cool Kids

“The Cool Kids” is a concept that has yielded frustration among school children of all ages across the ages, especially those looking for a lunch table. It also has provided the name of a sitcom and of a hip hop duo. Perhaps, “The Alright Kids” would be more apt. “Cool” kids are no better or worse than any other kids, and we all know the kids are alright because we’ve seen the movie and we’ve listened to the song.

All that aside, if you have visited Tabby’s Place, for the Quinn’s Corner grand opening, for Thanksgiving with the Cats, or for a tour, you might have noticed the sign on the CR (Community Room) door that marks it as “The Cool Kids” room. Now, that is far more accurate! Important point of note, however: There is zero shade throwing at all of the cats who are not so fortunate as to make Tabby’s Place or the CR their cozy space. After all, every cat is cool. Ever Tabby’s Place cat is just a little extra: extra cool, extra spoiled, extra loved. The cats in the CR are heaped with even just a little extra of all that extra, since the room hosts lots of humans throughout each day. But, this isn’t about we humans or any other cats. This is about the CR cats.

You already know that there’s something about Harvey, because I had to share as soon as I met him. Since then, he has been hanging out (literally oozing off of edges…because Harvey) in the CR because the coat room didn’t provide enough opportunities for Harvey to meet enough people to get all the love that a Harvey needs. Nor were there enough cats, for that matter. In the CR, Harvey gets attention from EVERYBODY. He also still enjoys demonstrating his fluidity by filling any allotted space with Harvey.

On the quieter side of the spectrum, Yuki might have been thought to have maximized her cool factor over in Suite E. She was just getting started! Relocated to the CR, Yuki’s cool has flown off the chart. She has taken the switch with grace and possibly a hint of glee. Added attention paired with private spaces and shared window seats all provide Yuki with cuddles and quietude in her preferred proportions. As a long-time friend, it is wonderful and rewarding to witness others engaging with this ever-less-shy, exceedingly sweet tabby.

Not quite shy, yet completely charming Gulliver has considered the CR to be his personal country since his travels landed him at Tabby’s Place. Black and white and cute all over, Gulliver might play it cool when someone enters the room. Don’t be fooled! Upon approach, this guy melts like chocolate on a hot pavement (which would be a total waste of chocolate…and we keep cats off of hot pavement). Once he has his fill of exploding head bumps (head bumps fist, fingers “explode” open to scritch – requires sound effects), a trip over to the desk or window will yield more rewards by way of interactions with cats or people.

[NB: For everyone’s safety and comfort, exploding head bumps should only be used with extreme caution and with well-known cats.]

Speaking of windows (Were we? Sure, let’s go with that.), Tux and Shelley often can be found together and next to a window, often in a snuggly bundle. Tux, as the oldest resident (He’s pushing 20!), has the most experience with being cool and being in the CR. His purr motor defaults to high, which is good for Shelley. She doesn’t see well, but her hearing is just fine, so she knows her friend is near by. The TEAS (Tux Early Alert System) or hearing her name often are how Shelley knows a human friend is near. She will proceed to contentedly display the je ne sais quoi of a fluffy, grey, cloudy, puffy-puff-puff, sweetie, soft-soft, Shelley-belly, love-love.

(Hey, it’s the cats that are cool. I was always at the “other” table. Besides, Shelley would make you mushy-gushy too.)

Other residents flow in and out of the “Cool Kids” room, some come in for the long-term, like Eartha, while others, like Marvin, are introduced and adopted out it so fast it makes heads and hearts spin like all of the combined tops at a top spinning competition (Seriously, it’s a thing.).

One certainty is that the “Cool Kids” are perfectly suited to communal living, and they benefit from human interactions. Life in the CR benefits everyone of both species. For the cats, the CR provides extra socialization…and maybe a few extra treats. For humans working there or visiting, it’s just nice to get a chance to sit at the cool kids’ table.

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