Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: A Puff Piece

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: A Puff Piece

Puff. That could be enough. One word really says it all. But, it would be doing one very fluffy, very tuxedo, very sweet cat a disservice to stop at her name. As to her name, it is possible that one look at her floof was enough proof that Puff would do. A closer look at her eyes to see the depths within might have revealed her inner magic dragon. Whether by fluff or song lyric, whyever she was given her name, there is no doubt that Puff is more than a wisp of hazy smoke. For one thing, Puff is solidly, firmly, once and forever a Tabby’s Place cat, now that she resides in a Quinn’s Corner suite with an optimal view of the kitchen.

Puff takes advantage of her expansive view every day, as each meal time approaches, and every other time too. The transparency provided by glass walls and doors provides almost constant opportunities for eye contact with passersby. There is always a chance for this sweet piece of fluff to be seen calling out for attention.

Even though the sound doesn’t travel beyond her suite, it is clear that Puff is usually calling for attention. This is true even on the rare occasions when her mouth is not actually moving.

In case it isn’t obvious, Puff is a chatty catty, longing to be heard. Puff is unaware that she is more seen and heard than all the words in all of the world’s newspapers could ever string together, whether about the weather, sports, arts, entertainment, or one spectacular, adoptable cat who just happens to be FeLV+.

Yes, Puff is FeLV+. For her, this means nearly nothing, excepting that she has to share living quarters with suitemates who are similarly afflicted. But, Puff does not seem afflicted by anything except the need for more fish mush and scritches…oh, and maybe frequent brushing.

As to her views in those living quarters, Puff enjoys the separated semi-integrations that occur whenever other FeLV+ cats have a chance to explore and enjoy the Quinn’s Corner lobby. Through the door, they all get chances to see each other. Sometimes, they even find ways play with each other’s toys (from a glass-paned distance) or toes (under a suite door).

With rapt attention, Puff will watch her neighbors and their attendants (That’s us humans!), just as she watches her own suitemates up close. In either case, neither cat nor person will hold her attention as well as the dinner bell or, even better, the dinner bowl.

But, settle next to Puff between meals, pat her for a while then pause, and her gentle paw will reach out. It is a request for continued attention. It is a reminder that Puff is present and waiting.

For now, Puffs presence fills Suite H. For now, Puff is waiting for the next person to walk through the door with a toy, a meal, or fingers to trace through her luscious, long fur.

With all her joy at receiving such attentions, Puff is really waiting for her very own adopters to bring her to her very own home.  It probably will not be in Hanalei, but it will be forever.

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