Epilogues: May 2024

Epilogues: May 2024

You wily time-travelers, what are we going to do with you?

Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Recent adoptee Farva has already secured the heart of his new sibling

We are all well aware that cats can slip time anytime they choose. They acquire this ability around the same time their eyes open.

But you, lovely humans, you surprise us. Despite being the dearest beans in the bowl, you are still human beans.

Yet in May 2024, you turned time on its end. You fired up the DeLorean. You turned old cats ageless by loving them. It turns out, to remember is to press “rewind.” To Remember the Seniors is to cherish fifteen-year-old Stevens and old-as-Greece Olympias like kittens.

This is precisely what you did, with generosity for the ages.

Avuncular alum Hashbrown is having the time of his life in his forever home

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you beautiful, generous, time-traveling beans.

But before we jump into June and its strawberry moon, there are a few more May matters to remember:

Arrived: Baby Yoda, Sleepy, Snow White, Eustace, Fibonacci, Erin, Oliver, Rori (pictured in thumbnail above), Robin, Little Bean, Worm, Cannellini, Chickpea, Lima, Fava, Adzuki, Lentil, Napoleon, Panthera, Geena, Rosie, Madonna, Tru, Gelato, Sundae, Slushy, Slurpy, Banana Split, Memoria, Seagull, Pelican, Tissue, Osprey, Sybil

Adopted: Olympia (by our own gold medalist of golden heartedness, Drew), Carrot, Gracie, Rick Catsley, Daphne, Googly, Marillo, Oat & Soy (together), Farva, Tada, Io & Ganymede (together), Waffles & Chickadee (together), Henrietta, Steinbeck

Tru, age 22 (you read that right) is feeling as young as love itself in her Forever Foster with phenomenal Karina

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Evelyn (with magnificent volunteer C.T.), Tru (with extraordinary Karina)

Returned: Merriweather

Promoted to the Community Room: Affogato

Promoted to the Lobby: Smokey, Oliver

Promoted to Heaven: Pasha (lovingly fostered by Karina), Penelope (lovingly fostered by Jae), Eustace, Fibonacci, Little Bean, Memoria (four dear friends who departed shortly after arrival, forever loved no less)

Stuff We Learned: If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s probably an ancient cat. A Carrot can be ripe for picking at a ripe old age. Everyone can be an uncle. Neither Dr. Who nor Marty McFly nor Loki has the time-traveling power of a cat well-loved.

Bring on the strawberry moon. We are all younger than springtime around here.

Happy Gracie, Chez Forever

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