Guest post: Love at first sight

Guest post: Love at first sight

Editor’s note: Oh, dear ones.

If ever you chose the right day to visit this blog, today is that day.

You are about to hear from Carrot‘s new mom. You are about to weep and cheer and quite possibly dance.

You are about to believe in love more than ever before.


All photos courtesy of Carrot’s mom, also known as One Of The Kindest, Dearest, Truest & Best Humans Ever To Walk This Earth

Do you believe in love at first sight?  Is it truly real?  Is it so rare that it happens once in a lifetime, if ever at all?

Fact is, for some reason love at first sight is more common for men than women. I am confident Mr. Carrot Cat has experienced love at first sight, and it is not rare for him.

If he could count high enough, his expressive green eyes have experienced it thousands of times. Every time the door of his suite opened, and a staff member, volunteer, or potential adopter walked in, for Carrot it was likely love at first sight.

Carrot sees everyone with love and adoration.  He is a small package that is all heart, willing to give all the love in that heart, expecting nothing in return.

When you sponsor a Special Needs cat like Carrot, there is so much joy and reward from knowing you are extending the life of a helpless feline who once likely had little or no hope, providing the support they need to flourish, thrive, live and love. When you adopt a Special Needs cat, you receive all that and so much more. You form a bond of trust and love like no other.

This is our adoption story.

It was January when my son, Johnathan (not to be confused with a certain other Jonathan!), started volunteering at Tabby’s Place. He was provided comfort buddies, two of Carrot’s suitemates, to spend time with and socialize.

Carrot quickly decided to change the assignment to himself, immediately welcoming Johnathan, sitting on his lap, and sharing his love during that visit and all future visits.

I started noticing that Johnathan would head off early for his shifts, just to spend a little quality time with Carrot before reporting for assigned duties. After the first day, he started texting me photos of Carrot during their visits.  I found myself watching the clock and my phone on his volunteer days, anxiously awaiting the photos.

At this point, we were both trying to ignore the fact that we were smitten with Carrot.

Admittedly, it took a couple months for us to decide to apply to adopt Carrot. We were hesitant because of his Special Needs. The adoptions team met with us, being completely honest about what it takes to care for Carrot, including expressing his bladder. They told us it would take time and patience, but they would train us and support us every step of the way.

With fair warning that Carrot is one of the more challenging cats to express, we looked at each other and agreed he would be worth any effort. We were going to adopt him!

Thankfully, the Tabby’s Place Staff has infinite patience and persistence. Adopting a Special Needs cat may not be for everyone, but for those of us who take the leap, the joy is indescribable.

The training process probably took a bit longer than usual, because they worked with both of us to learn to care for Carrot.  I remember one of my more trying training attempts, where I really felt discouraged. Carrot was in my arms, in his assumed position in the litter box, and I was struggling.

It was then that his big green eyes looked into mine, and he just started purring. His face clearly reassured me, “It’s OK, Mom. You’ll get this!” 

If I could have read the mind of the staff member on the floor beside us, I’m pretty sure she was thinking, “oh, man, she is never going to get this…”

But, fast forward a few more weeks, and yes, we finally have the hang of bladder expression!  Whoohoo!  We began talking about homecoming dates. The dream of adopting Carrot was becoming reality.

To say we were overwhelmed at his sendoff is an understatement.

The Sanctuary Lobby was full of well-wishing and caring staff and volunteers, all there to support Carrot and send him off in style.  With a victory lap around Tabby’s Place in a luxury kitty stroller, and more than a few tears from all of us, we felt the love that Carrot has freely given to everyone being returned a hundredfold.

He looked around with a heartfelt, “Thank you everyone, I am good to go!”, and then left for the furever home and the family he has waited for his whole life.

Carrot at home is a lot like Carrot at Tabby’s Place, only so much better. He is a delight, always happy and relaxed. Upon arriving home, he immediately found my son’s bed, from which he has a window view of the backyard. It is his favorite place to hang out and sleep.

Our Carrot is an abundant source of affection, love and purrs, with head buts thrown in when we do not reciprocate fast enough.  He shows off his beautiful white belly as he catches some sunshine during nap time. He is a joy to be around, and a living love that knows no end. 

So, that “love at first sight” thing – you decide if you believe.

If you are skeptical, walk in the doors of Tabby’s Place with an open heart and open mind. Take a look around, and I assure you, you too, will believe.

Carrot’s Mom

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