Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Recapitation

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Recapitation

At Tabby’s Place, if one is a ceramic cat of beauty and poise, it is difficult to retain one’s head in situ when in situ means in the lobby. Point of note: the lobby is home to some fantastic, high energy cats who have zero respect for lifeless imitations, no matter their visual appeal or pizzazz. Obviously, the most appealing and pizzazz-i-tating statuettes pale in comparison to actual cats. Thusly, the decapitation of one such inanimate feline was, apparently, inevitable.

To elucidate, one day there was an incident that happened not long after a very lovely cat figurine was donated and situated attractively for the enjoyment of peoples passing through, be they visitors, staff, or volunteers. Without naming names, one fine day, the cat statuette lost its head. Lost is a strong word. More accurately, the head’s location was known, but the body was not co-located as would be expected relative to the head’s location. Necessarily, both the decapitated head and the body of the porcelain kitty were relocated to avoid further damage.

One not-very-much-later fine day, the pretty figurine was espied in a different location. It was completely recapitated!! What an excellent thing! In a world with a sordid history of decapitators decapitating the then-decapitated, this was truly a novel experience.

In the 16th century, Henry VIII’s domestic “problems” led to separations of two of his wives’ heads from their bodies. In both cases, the decapitations remained permanent. In the 18th century, Robespierre’s Reign of Terror led to separations of so very many heads from so very many bodies with the assistance of Madame La Guillotine (a sharp and edgy lady, indeed) along with many angry Parisians. All of those many decapitations were also, sadly, permanent.

Generally speaking, decapitation cannot be undone…that is unless you’re a ceramic cat figurine…or if you’re speaking metaphorically. About the metaphorical bit – what happens when losing one’s head is a little less literal and a little more about feeling like one’s own mind is out of control?

Apparently, there is at least one cure for losing one’s head, and it can be found at Tabby’s Place. No executioners (except of bugs) live within these hallowed walls of felinedom. However, Tabby’s Place is home to several great recapitators. These are cats who are especially adept at helping humans get their heads back on straight. Steven, Carrot, and Juel, are perfect fellows to turn to in order to restore one’s lost head.

Spending time brushing, cuddling, and chatting with each of these special cats is at least as good as spending time with a therapist. It’s better, in fact, because most therapists don’t purr, and purrs have healing power. Not only that, as every participant in the Paws to Read program knows, cats are the very best, most attentive listeners.

On more than one occasion, it has been Steven, Carrot, or Juel who listened when it was most needed. No matter the subject, they are patient and comforting or friendly and comforting or snuggly and comforting. And, yes, the quality of the writing in this blog is proof that some heads (at least this one) are never quite on straight, even in the best of times.

Notably, at Tabby’s Place, all the times are always the best of times, even when the times are less than easy. When the rest of the world seems like it’s gone mad or when life doesn’t make much sense, there is no place like Tabby’s Place to reset, regroup, and get recapitated. For added measure, here is little video of Juel getting scritches to help us all get keep our heads firmly attached.

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