deep thoughts

Guest post: Catscape

Many of you are probably aware of the well-received, well-cast World War II film The Great Escape. Fewer of you are likely to remember the campier and marginally more recent Escape from New York. But, those movies, along with Escape from Alcatraz, The Escape Room, and the more simply titled The Escape all have one […]

Guest post: L’Chaim!

There are many types of foundations. Concealers are foundations the likes of which Jonathan Van Ness might recommend to even out one’s complexion and to provide a little sun protection. Structural foundations are built to support actual buildings, like the one that Quinn’s Corner will soon stand upon. And, then there are more philosophical and […]

Guest post: Follow the leader

Working a couple of Saturday morning dishes and laundry shifts recently, I had the opportunity to work side by side with some amazing volunteers, both new and experienced. The experienced ones shared tips for efficiency and the tacit assurance that we older cats can most definitely learn new tricks. Meanwhile, the new ones gave hope […]