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Tara Talk guest post: Be like me

Development Dunderhead’s note: if ever you wonder about Simba‘s shimmering, spectacular mother Tara, prepare for your wonderings to turn into wonderfuls. Our beloved volunteer and Simba-scribe is, despite our protests, still in Colorado. But she’s also still here…as we always say, “once a Tabby’s Place cat, always a Tabby’s Place cat.” But don’t take it […]

Guest Post: Fridaze

You are on a journey through space and time. No, you aren’t in The Twilight Zone. You are somewhere far more interesting, vastly more magical, and eminently more real. You have entered Tabby’s Place: A Cat Sanctuary. You are here with me. It’s a Friday. Let’s go! We’ll start by swinging wide the big, blue […]

Guest post: Portals

Wherever we turn, there are doorways that we can see through as we pass through, much like the magnificent blue door staff and volunteers use to enter Tabby’s Place. Then there are portals. Whether they are wormholes that link the farthest reaches of the universe to each other or tunnels that link New York to […]

Guest post: Meowy-Pedis

Many of us humans enjoy pampering ourselves with hot stone massages and hot tub soaks. We relish mani-pedis, that magnificent manicure-pedicure combination that makes us feel a little more relaxed, a little bit prettier, a little more special, and very much a whole lot of spoiled. Cats disagree: all of them, all of the time.