Guest post: Our Three Tabbies

Guest post: Our Three Tabbies

Editor’s Note: Are you ready for this?

I mean it, dear ones. Take a moment. Collect yourself. Make sure you are prepared. You will need your spacesuit, because your heart is about to go stratospheric. You will need your industrial-sized box of tissues, because your ocean is about to overflow. And you will need your pen and paper, because you will be writing your resignation letter to cynicism and despair.

Now you are ready. I hereby hand all of our hearts over to Mark and Susan, two of the most extraordinary AwesomeAdopters whose feet ever touched the earth (although I am convinced they walk several inches off the ground). XO, AT

Aoife and Zeppole, forever loved

“‘Zeppole and Aoife‘ was a great love story.

Zeppole was a warm, gentle soul who brought great joy to our home. Aoife had a loving heart, and she showered us all with her affection. Zeppole and Aoife were wonderful friends. They were happy in their home. Both were affectionate with us. loved playing together and spent many sunny days watching birds, chipmunks and squirrels in their yard.

We knew that Zeppole and Aoife faced health challenges when we adopted them. Zeppole had a precarious heart condition, and Aoife had recovered from severe illness at Tabby’s Place. We had hoped for a few wonderful years with Zeppole and Aoife.

We were blessed with just 8 months with Zeppole. He passed away in the night from a sudden heart attack. Four months later, we lost Aoife to a dreadful blood disorder. Aoife was a strong, brave girl. She fought hard through her illness, but we could not cure her. Our hearts are broken. We have no regrets.


Today, our home is filled with the love of our three tabbies from Tabby’s Place: Rainey, Lawrence and Yuki.

Rainey joined our home in August 2023. We found him bewildered and sad to have been abandoned by his people. It took some time for Rainey to feel secure in his new home. Now we know Rainey to be a tranquil, loving and loyal kitty. He likes to be at my side when I am working on the computer and cuddles against my legs at night.

After getting me out of bed each morning for breakfast, Rainey loves to go back to bed. Once the shades are up, he has a comfortable perch to watch birds and any activity happening on the street. It took a while to find the right toy to catch his interest. Now we have a regular routine for playtime.

We also met Lawrence on that August day at Tabby’s Place, but we were not ready to bring him home with Rainey. After losing our longtime companions, we were not sure about taking on a senior. Nevertheless, we felt a connection with Lawrence, and as he remained on the adoption list.

We started to feel a devotion to Lawrence.

As the new year approached, we felt ready to adopt again. We spent hours reviewing all the wonderful kitties on the adoption list and finally scaled it back to a reasonable number for a pre-adoption meeting. It was Lawrence and Yuki who stole our hearts on that day.


From the moment Lawrence arrived in his new home, he has showered us with love and affection. When it comes to affection, Lawrence is more like a kitten than a senior cat. Lawrence was anxious during his first few days but quickly settled into a comfortable routine.

After a few weeks in his new home, Lawrence decided to move into the dining room, so that he can keep an eye on everything that is happening, especially in the adjacent kitchen. He has a very keen interest in cooking and baking. Most of all, he likes to catch our attention to get more pets.


Yuki also acclimated to her new home very quickly. She is affectionate with us in a more subtle way. Yuki likes to cuddle in a warm, quiet spot after breakfast, and she has a favorite perch for watching birds in the backyard during the afternoon. We are told she has a history of low appetite, so we monitor her eating. We see her eating a healthy amount of food each day. Yuki seems to relish having a large comfortable room and abundant food, with no competition from Lawrence.

We are blessed to have these three wonderful beings in our home and look forward to the three of them growing closer over time.

One last thing: Lawrence is now called Sir Lawrence….most of the time. We think it is fitting for a 13 year old gentleman and seems to fit his stature in life.”

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