Guest post: Found at last

Guest post: Found at last

Editor’s note: Dear hearts, you have found yourselves in the right place today.

You have found your way to Tabby’s Place, where the last become first, and the lost become found.

You have found yourself to a shimmering update from AwesomeAdopter Bonnie. Through her love, Lost has become Naima. The little deaf calico with the funniest name was just waiting for the music her heart could hear. You just might find yourself singing along… XO, AT

“It’s such a joy having Naima here. Her stare makes her look surprised, but she’s just concentrating!

In the interest of a gradual introduction to the rest of my cat clowder, Naima was originally sequestered in my large downstairs bathroom. Slowly, I would let the other cats peek. They basically just wanted to get in to eat her food, LOL!

I gradually gave her more out time out of the bathroom, and she started to get used to the house.

My little cat French Fries was still alive when Naima arrived, but he soon passed away from FIP. We tried to save him, but it was too late. French Fries had always found me in my reading chair, but now Naima has taken over that role. She knew!

I also have a kitten with no eyes in the house. Her name is Silk, and Naima is very gentle with her. I believe everything happens for a reason, and Silk and Naima have both helped with healing.

Naima was great for her first visit to the wonderful veterinarian who cares for all my cats. (It helped that we gave her a bit of behavioral medication first!)

I’ve discovered that Naima loves belly rubs…and it’s not a ruse for a later bite! She wants me to keep petting her and not stop. In the video below, you’ll see that she’s really into it. What the video doesn’t show is that, after I stopped, she tapped me with her paw so I would keep going!

As for her new name, ‘Naima’ is Arabic for ‘tranquil, delightful, and pleasant..’

Thank you for the wonderful work you do. The love surrounding the cats of Tabby’s Place is absolutely heartwarming.”

Bonnie, we are boundlessly grateful to have you in our Tabby’s Place family! May you, Naima, Silk, and all your babies find fresh joy in each new day together.

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