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Guest post: Found at last

Editor’s note: Dear hearts, you have found yourselves in the right place today. You have found your way to Tabby’s Place, where the last become first, and the lost become found. You have found yourself to a shimmering update from AwesomeAdopter Bonnie. Through her love, Lost has become Naima. The little deaf calico with the […]

Epilogues: December 2023

So here we stand, at the end and the beginning. Cats know that there are only ever beginnings. Cats know many things beyond our reach. But they are gentle, and permit us to believe in figments — endings, the concept of “age appropriate,” the existence of credible vegan cheese — as long as necessary. Perhaps […]

Epilogues: March 2023

O! You wondrous creatures, you radiant Tabby’s Place residents! You are equally at home in winter and spring, dropping long-tailed poetry like petals across the month that makes seasons kiss. You Marched through our days as children of the Tabby’s Place promise, blossoms beloved simply because you are ours. You made us yours. And to […]