Epilogues: March 2023

Epilogues: March 2023

O! You wondrous creatures, you radiant Tabby’s Place residents!

You are equally at home in winter and spring, dropping long-tailed poetry like petals across the month that makes seasons kiss.

You Marched through our days as children of the Tabby’s Place promise, blossoms beloved simply because you are ours.

You made us yours.

And to you, all my paisley prose would be better spent on March’s real news: the world’s first 3D-printed cheesecake.

Wooderson, proof that there is gooderson in every season, every day, every hour.

While the cats convene to contemplate whether this represents our graduation to another dimension, or further evidence of human dunderheadedness, you and I have news to gnaw.

With apologies to persons proficient at bouncing orange orbs, Tabby’s Place was the seat of the most meaningful March madness. Let us marvel together:

Arrived: Paddy, Imelda, Atari, Harvey, Wooderson, Simone, Charles, Ebony, Mika, Lego, Kika, Earl, Blaze, Firestone, Firestar, Lost, Rihanna, Weetabix, Frootloop, Krispie, Cheerio, Captain Crunch, Spork, Julian, Hashbrown

Priceless precious princess Prescott, reigning in radiance in our Lobby

Adopted: Kennedy, Zelda, Bonita, Kozmo (YES THE STARMAN, THE BIRTHDAY BOY, THE LIVING EMBODIMENT OF YELLING), Pearl & Jared (TOGETHER WHICH JUSTIFIES DOUBLE YELLING), Ponderosa, Princess Peach (pictured in top banner), Tinsel, Thurman, Shishito, Koala, Viktor (VIKTORY BY LAND AND SEA, YES I AM YELLING!)

Returned: Drummer, Barney

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Barney, with angel volunteer D.P.

Promoted to the Community Room: Bonifacia

Promoted to the Lobby: Prescott

Promoted to the Big Cheese’s office: Marcia

Promoted to Heaven: Woolie, Cheerio, Captain Crunch

The late, wondrous Woolie, who found centuries of love in his forever foster home with Bree

Stuff We Learned: Honey gets gooey for the right roommate. (By “gooey,” I mean “nonviolent.”) Honey + Marcia was a terrifying prospect. Honey + Marcia was suggested by the Big Cheese himself. Honey + Marcia are melting into a cozy cohabitation that none but our fearless leader could have predicted. Don’t tell him I told you this, but, yes, once again, Jonathan gets it right.

And now, cherished cheesecakes, we shall give our all to April and its cats.

O! you wondrous creatures, you are our perpetual spring.

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