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Guest post: Over ordered

Full disclosure: yours truly is just a little bit compulsive. For example, I have two marker boards in my kitchen. The small one includes planned meals for the week as well as a list of perishables that need to be consumed in the short term. The big board includes the contents of the stand-up freezer […]

All the bad things

Has it ever occurred to you what a great many terrible things simply don’t happen? This morning, your car was not stolen by Willie Nelson. You were not eaten by a mountain lion. Your family was not kidnapped by brigands. You were not forced to eat Steakumms soaked in chocolate milk for breakfast. Gator did […]

Guest post: Charlemagne’s cat

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a marvel of historical proportions. In each episode of his PBS series Finding Your Roots, Gates opens windows of insight into missing stories in his guests’ family trees. Sometimes, what remains undiscovered is the most compelling aspect of the program. A fun throw in to the show, whenever luck or […]