Epilogues: December 2022

It is a piece of ancient, not-entirely-accurate Tabby’s Place lore that every one of our residents celebrates their birthday on January 1st. You can understand the reasoning. In most cases, we’ll never know a cat’s actual birth date, except in the case of Kozmo, whose birthday has been scientifically proven to be every day called […]

Epilogues: September 2022

Summon the cymbals and tympanis of autumn. This, kittens, was The Month. I don’t mean the month in which fall fell into place, although that’s grand. I don’t mean the month in which  the universe bestowed us with Snoop Loopz cereal, although that’s transcendent. I don’t mean the month in which Tabby’s Place hosted both […]

Epilogues: August 2022

To the naked eye, Tabby’s Place appears to be a cat sanctuary. A special cat sanctuary, certainly. One-of-a-kind. Sensational. Smitten with specifically those cats the world forgot. But Tabby’s Place is more than it appears: an outpost of love. A living, purring, peeing parable. A tumbler of timeless truths. And a place where August can […]

Epilogues: July 2022

Show me your stars. Show me your stripes. Show me your scars from that most American of solemnities, Amazon Prime Day. (If you somehow escaped without an unexpected Echo, you are a stronger specimen than I.) Show me your love for the cats, loud and large and juicy as a peach. Actually, you already did. […]