Epilogues: December 2023

Epilogues: December 2023

So here we stand, at the end and the beginning.

Cats know that there are only ever beginnings. Cats know many things beyond our reach. But they are gentle, and permit us to believe in figments — endings, the concept of “age appropriate,” the existence of credible vegan cheese — as long as necessary.

Perhaps this one is no longer necessary.

Our darling Snowcap arrived with injuries too severe to survive. Yet she became ours, and we became hers, and the love between us echoes into eternity. Until we meet again, beloved girl.

Oh, kittens, we have come through a year together, haven’t we? One of the truest lines in literature reminds us that “there are years that ask questions and years that answer.” This one yammered so breathlessly, it wasn’t always clear when it was asking and answering.

We were hurled like tomatoes into losses we did not think we could survive. Yet here we are, hanging onto each other, hanging by the thread of each other.

We were pole vaulted like fledglings into joys no earthly heart can bear. Yet here we are, laughing as those who dream awake.

We were adopted by cats who came to this earth to comfort us with empathy and comedy. We were returned to the burlap basics of scrubbing litter boxes and skritching necks and pressing our noses to the glass of the impossible.

We were impossible. We heard the world say “hopeless,” and we plugged our ears and galloped down the street singing “noiny noiny noiny noiny noin.” (We are awaiting our Nobel Prize nominations.)

Yet our magisterial Maurice arrived with an excess supply of comfort and joy, which he has been distributing with wild abandon on all who grieve and dream.

You were impossible. You raised the cats on chariots and carried them like sultans into a building that should not exist. You gave past the gasping point and created Quinn’s Corner. You turned the most feared cats into the most revered cats. The last became first. The least became large. (Oram became largest.)

Leaping and whooping and crawling and weeping, we crossed the twenty-year mark together. That is four thousand lives. That is a million million loves. That is proof that we have only just begun.

There are years and beloveds to come. There is a big, bawdy “best” yet to come. But first, let us see what December has done:

Arrived: Tigger, Maurice, Winky, Kenny, Piper (FeLV+), Malawi (FeLV+), Theodosia, Regina (FeLV+), Calliope, Linus, Thalia, Cleo, Phoebe, Hibou, Tom, Winona, Pol, Snowcap, Coby, Raisin, Mr. Peanut, Tabitha, Patches, Copy Cat, Brian, Frankie, Alex, Nessie, Lucia

Mr. Peanut is so excited to be a Tabby’s Place cat, he misplaced his monocle (and his resistance to bathing, although the greatness and gentleness of Rey surely helped with the latter)

Adopted: DeKalb; Foxtrot & Tango (together); Myrtle & Flatbush (together); Winifred; Copperfield; Derby (DERBY! YES! REALLY! YES! I AM YELLING!); Lexa & Greenpoint (together); Jaha & Roan (together); Dulcie; Danimal & Ichabod (together); Jasmine & Matcha (together); Casper & Morticia (together); Sugarloaf; Beans; Alfalfa; Honeywell; Molasses; Lost (YES! SHE WHO SCREAMED GLORY! YES! I AM SCREAMING WITH HER!); Cleo & Phoebe (together); Cycles; Sebastian

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Pasha (who has responded to expectations of very little time left to live by gaining weight and gaining dominion over our selfless Karina’s entire house); Puff (with the majestic and golden-hearted Drew); Gator (YES! MATTHEW MCCONNAUGHEY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING WITH ONE OF THE BEST AND MOST BEAUTEOUS VOLUNTEERS WHO HATH EVER TROD THE EARTH! ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I AM YELLING!)

Returned: Cassie; Gracie

Promoted to the Community Room: Lawrence; Penelope

And on the far side of adoption, living legend Luna reminds us that stories don’t end

Promoted to the Offices of Jonathan and The EXECUTIVE Executive Director (e.g. Marcia): Harriet

Promoted to the Lounge: Winky

Promoted to Heaven: Tortellini, Tigger, Adobo, Snowcap

We stand at the beginning, beloveds. We will tumble into kitten piles and tidepools of our own tears this year. We will find heart-shaped noses haloed in whiskers, and scratch-scarred hands ready to pull us back up. We will go on. It will be glorious. The next twenty years are here.

You ready?

Let’s go.

Pictured top to bottom: Piper, who plays our tune; Sebastian; Snowcap; Maurice; Mr. Peanut; Mega-alumna Luna

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  1. March 30, 2024. The New Year slid in – sparkling with fireworks and exciting expectations. Tabby’s Place became bigger and better – more worthy of love than ever before. My team didn’t go to the Superbowl, but my cat Steven at Tabby’s Place thrives. Life is good – with Tabby’s Place and lots of cats and people to love, 2024 will be good.

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