angela is not right in the head

Decision 2024

We will not be covering the US Presidential Election on this blog. This is a selfish decision on my part, I know. But my hobbies include “avoiding panic attacks” and “not getting fired,” so here we are. Also, the cats’ preferred candidate already dropped out, by whom of course I mean Hulk Hogan. We will, […]

Epilogues: December 2023

So here we stand, at the end and the beginning. Cats know that there are only ever beginnings. Cats know many things beyond our reach. But they are gentle, and permit us to believe in figments — endings, the concept of “age appropriate,” the existence of credible vegan cheese — as long as necessary. Perhaps […]

The angel Gabriel

Gabriel is the only honest-to-goodness angel of the angels. When the litter of four heaven-faced kittens arrived, our initial plan was to name them all after actual angels. But “Uriel” seemed a little too urinary, and somebody complained that “Raphael” was better fit for a turtle of the teenaged mutant ninja variety than a tabby […]