Reigning simplicity

Reigning simplicity

121119-regina-by-jbhSometimes what’s simple is true.

There’s no “new math” required here: loving human + stripey kitten = neverending specialness.

Regina downstairs, CatBrain upstairs.
Regina downstairs, CatBrain upstairs.

Loving human + stripey kitten + criminally fabulous photos = pure blog gold:

“Thought I would send over some pics and an update on Regina.

“She is such a happy little kitty here. She loves to run around (her energy is boundless!). Regina has a fascination with plants (we recently planted her very own cat grass box) and water. She will sit outside of the shower and stare, almost wondering why she can’t take a shower too!

“Regina caught a mouse with her accomplice CatBrain* the other day, too. They were so proud they woke us up around 8am to show us our ‘gift’.

“Here is a picture of Regina and CatBrain hard at work in their office.

If this photo doesn't reduce you to a puddle of goo, you have problems bigger than the national debt.
If this photo doesn't reduce you to a puddle of goo, you have problems that even a brainiac like CatBrain can't help you with.

“I’ve also included a picture of the snuggler ready for bed…she literally crawls under the blankets every night to go to sleep.”

Soren Kierkegaard famously said that “purity of heart is to will one thing” – and, when it comes to stripey kittens, we intend nothing more complicated or less wonderful than a home like this.

*Does Regina’s AwesomeAdopter get bonus points for having a cat named CatBrain? Why yes, yes she does.

4 thoughts on “Reigning simplicity

  1. What darling photos of absolute cutie pies. (LOVE the name CatBrain!) And that photo of Regina all tucked in DID reduce me to a puddle of goo! Best wishes to the whole family!

  2. Hello Everyone!
    Very Cute Kitties! They are so adorable! Regina looks like my new kitty Bella! They look exactly the same but Bella is much younger then Regina. I am so happy what you do Tabby’s Place. I am so happy Regina got adopted and has a great friend named CatBrain!
    Have a great day Everyone! I am voting for Tabby’s Place!
    Hope you Guy’s Win the Shelter Challenge.
    Cat Man (Cat Whisperer)

  3. Hoo-Cat what a kyoot couple of kitties.
    Even funnier is when I saw that name CatBrain! Around here that is a regular saying when one or the others gets into some mischief! “Aha! The Old Cat Brains are Working!” or just plain old “Cat Brain!”
    May all of you have a day full of Cat Brain!

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