Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Return to Wellness

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Return to Wellness

Being transiently ill is quite unpleasant.

(Major respect to those with chronic, long-term conditions).

But, as with all things in this world, nothing lasts forever. With, say, a viral infection, an illness will begin with slight signs of something recognizable and easy to manage. Then, SLAM! The body’s immune response kicks in to greater or lesser degree, depending on “the attacker” and the individual. Often, typically, hopefully, after a few days (too often after a week or two), one returns to wellness and goes about the regular business of being.

For cats in all kinds of situations from illness to desperateness to woundedness and beyond, Tabby’s Place is a physical manifestation of a return to wellness. Having paraplegia, knobby knees, or an everlasting case of the sneezies (Once again, we’re looking at you, Juel, but mostly because you are just so ridiculously adorable.) does not translate into unwell for Tabby’s Place cats.

The cushion of care, the grandness of giving, the hardness of working all add up to a place where every cat from Istanbul to Lebanon (The country, fellow locals!) to Texas (Personally, I’m awaiting a new friend from Sri Lanka. No idea who that might be, or if it will ever happen, but have you seen these guys? Yes, I know rusty-spotted cats are wildcats. No, I do not care.) can come home, luxuriate in love, and return to wellness.

New to the ark that Jonathan built and under the personal care of the dedicated, delightful Danielle, Director of Operations, young Regina has paraplegia. She also is FeLV+. (Also, my nickname for her is Dinny because that was my bubby Regina’s nickname.)

For a time, Regina (DINNY!) will require some of that extra special attention that the Tabby’s Place masters of affection and attention known as “staff” are especially skilled at delivering. But, Regina will soon land softly amid the cat beds and friends in Quinn’s Corner where she will find wells of wellness, and also fish mush and the hopes that Oram will share his cheese (Sorry, kitten, that cheese is the stuff of Oram’s dreams – day and night, noon, morning, dusk, dawn…).

It occurs to me, due to the windowed situation of the suites, lobby, and offices in Quinn’s Corner, that Regina and Anka, a fellow feline with paraplegia, will lock eyes and figure out their own sign language, thus creating an additional support system. Not likely. No matter the cats or the particulars of their versions of wellness, Anka still prefers the company of peoples…except me (despite photographic evidence to the contrary). I bring brushes. Chicken treats are an insufficient to remedy such an affront.

Special catonese codes, other wistfulnesses, and a deplorable lack of mouse loaf aside, once sufficiently well, every cat at Tabby’s Place will be enveloped in a glittery wrap of cozy hominess. Yes, it is true that many have chronic conditions that need to be monitored. Yes, there are those who have such things as diabetes and heart disease that require daily medications. Yes, there are those who have such personalities as require alertness with every interaction. None of those things translate into anything except wellness.

It is perfectly well that one cat needs different care than another. It is perfectly well that some cats need a little more wand toy action to burn off excesses of energy.

It is perfect and precise that all of the Tabby’s Place cats with all of their varied selves and situations returned to wellness the day that they were carried through the intake door.

Tabby’s Place provides a special kind of return to wellness that encompasses cats from all sorts of situations. When cats are unwell, Tabby’s Place people adore and heal. When the cats are feeling well, Tabby’s Place people adore and play. When we, those adoring people, feel unwell, we stay away until we are well again. But, we are never fully well until we return to Tabby’s Place. Once back, when we can resume active care for our furry friends, our return to wellness will be complete.

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