The angel Gabriel

The angel Gabriel

130222-gabriel-forever-home-1-blurry-rollingGabriel is the only honest-to-goodness angel of the angels.

When the litter of four heaven-faced kittens arrived, our initial plan was to name them all after actual angels. But “Uriel” seemed a little too urinary, and somebody complained that “Raphael” was better fit for a turtle of the teenaged mutant ninja variety than a tabby kitten. So it was that the angel litter became the vaguely-angelesque-or-other-Bible-person-named litter.

Dina and Regina and Ezekiel are all lovely, lovely names. But Gabriel is a genuine angel.

Gabe in his forever home. All photos courtesy of Gabe's AwesomeAdopter.
Gabe in his forever home. All photos courtesy of Gabe's AwesomeAdopter.

At Tabby’s Place, Gabe spent just short of an eternity being an undercover angel. Sweet as a cherub when you could reach him, he spent much of his time staying out of reach and squirming away from human touch. There were no Annunciations of adoration emanating from under the couch in the Kitten Room.

Until everything changed. Gradually and then all at once, Gabe’s angelic magnetism was too big for his own fears, and mushiness was busting out all over. Kudos and halos to the volunteers who spent patient hours belly-down in the Kitten Room, heads under the couch as they lived out “love is patient” to show our angel boy what humans are really about.

Think of Gabe as the under-the-radar underachiever who’s suddenly up there, giving a TED talk and monetizing his blog. Think of him as the tuba player who can’t hit a single clear note, but who’s suddenly in the Tonight Show band rocking the sousaphone. Know him as the scared little angel kitten whose love ultimately overcomes all fear.

130222-gabriel-forever-home-3-cutenessThat’s how his AwesomeAdopter has come to know Gabriel. She sends these delectable photos and writes:

“He’s always on the move and hard to capture without a flash!

“Gabriel is like a dog in that he greets me at the door when I get home, comes running when I call him and loves to stick his butt in my face to wake me up for food in the morning – not my favorite way to get up, but it works!

“We have a thing called ‘boop’ where I stick my finger in his face and he ‘boops’ it with his nose.

“He loves having his belly pet. He is very watchful, and while he still goes into hiding when I have guests over, I hope he will grow out of that.”

We expect nothing less from the angel in orange.130306-gabe-door

As Someone much wiser than me has said, you can tell a tree by its fruits. Judging from the sweetness Gabe’s growing, it’s clear: this little love is, indeed, 100% angel.

10 thoughts on “The angel Gabriel

  1. Yes, definitely a handsome orinch boy! But I have to admit to his AwesomeAdopter that my Jackson was a feral cutie who even now, six years later, hides under my bed if guests are over and won’t come out until he’s sure they are long gone. But he is the love of my life. He also runs to greet me at the door and he’ll come when I call him. (I have long suspected he may have been a dog in a former life!) I wish them both a long, happy & love-filled life together!

    1. What a testament to the power of love, patience and patient love. Please give Jackson a big snuggle for us all, Mishale. He is blessed to have you.

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