Luck be a Levi

Luck be a Levi

130311-levi-2He’s not green. He doesn’t do jigs.

But if St. Patrick’s Day means anything at all, it means luck. On this luckiest of weekends, Levi‘s covered in four-leaf clovers.

130314-levi-01Our elderly baby’s story is press-release worthy, so I give you the news as it’s hitting lucky reporters’ inboxes today:

Levi the cat was found weaving and wandering the streets of central NJ. With no identification, no ability to see or hear, and no small number of years behind him, the old feline was immediately scheduled to be euthanized at the clinic where he’d arrived as a stray. After all, who could see anything worth keeping in a rugged old battle ax?

Fortunately, the right people.

Just beyond Levi’s sight, a miracle was unfolding in his favor. Paws and Claws Society, Inc. had granted Tabby’s Place: a Cat Sanctuary an exceptionally generous Circle of Compassion for Animals grant of $15,000, for the purpose of taking in a desperately needy cat.

When Tabby’s Place heard about Levi, they knew they were looking at the special feline they’d awaited.

All along, the right eyes and hearts had been set on the cookie-colored old cat. Since arriving at the cage-free, no-kill sanctuary, Levi has triumphantly forgotten the sorrows of his past, and he’s wasting no time stealing the hearts of every human in his orbit.

130314-levi-10The senior cat may not be able to see, but he’s an old pro at giving kisses and rubbing his grateful face on those of human friends. Despite the indignities he’s suffered, lanky Levi oozes confidence. Not timid in the least, the snuggly senior lights up with joy when shown affection. His high spirits will serve him well as he faces old age with grace and grit. In addition to his sensory limitations and advanced age (estimated at 15+), Levi has early renal deficiency.

But with a sweetness and a swagger that nothing can steal, Levi’s sweetest days are surely yet ahead. The cat who sees past all obstacles now has a chance to be adopted. If that shouldn’t be in his future, he’ll get to live out his years at Tabby’s Place, where he’ll receive a lifetime of exceptional medical care, cage-free comfort, and affection.

It’s all thanks to a love that can best be seen with the eyes of the heart.

I retract my opening statement; luck has nothing to do with it. We’re in full-fledged blessing territory here, my dears.

And the blessedest ones are us.


19 thoughts on “Luck be a Levi

  1. Yes, Michael – me, too! Isn’t he the absolute greatest cat? I am having a very hard time not taking him home — love at first sight. So grateful that Tabby’s Place is here to give such a deserving cat his wonderful home (even if I can’t have him for myself)!!!

  2. I found LEVI lying in IKE’s old spot. I picked him up, put him on my lap, and I petted him a long time. I heard him purring the whole time. I LOVE YOU LEVI! I will make an effort to hold him on my lap everytime I go to Tabby’s Place.

  3. His sense of smell must have told him he’d never encountered me before, yet he immediately trusted me, just as he has trusted the others who have commented here. It’s a safe bet that Levi is going to get a great deal of loving, and no cat deserves it more.

    1. Agreed wholeheartedly. Much has been made of sensory-impaired cats’ ability to navigate wisely using their remaining senses. I believe Levi is especially attuned to grace, and surely saw it in you.

    1. JBH: know the feeling is mutual. (Levi informed me. He’s also eager to have my very marginal photos of him replaced with your reliably magnificent ones. :-))

  4. Oooh! He sounds lovely! I’ll have to come and meet him! Once again, showers of blessings upon TP for giving a home to such a deserving fellow!

  5. This sweet old guy is my latest fave! So glad he found his way to Tabbys. Soon there will be a line in the lobby for hugs with Levi.
    I may have to increase my volunteer days to have more “Levi-time” πŸ™‚

  6. As I (accidentally) posted this on the Gabe thread (you have your comments on thread above the posts, which is what threw me) I will put it here on the proper thread.

    I cried reading about Levi. I am happy he was saved, and whether he stays at Tabby’s Place or finds a forever home in his final years, I am happy that he will be fed, well cared for and well loved. I will give him a hug the next time I stop in.

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