The logic of love

The logic of love

130419-levi-2-by-markCat stories don’t always make sense.

There’s nothing logical about driving 10+ hours round trip to adopt an ancient, blind, deaf cat you’ve only “met” online, especially when you already have three blind cats at home.

There’s nothing logical about going from “homeless street urchin” to “travelworthy celebrity” in less than a year.

But then, there’s nothing logical about love.

Levi with Jane, who he adores (and vice versa, more than a lot)
Levi with Jane, who he adores (and vice versa, more than a lot)

Levi‘s adoption is our favorite sort of antilogic. To tell the miraculous tale, I hand the mic off to our wonderful staff member Jane. Quoth the Jane:

“Adoptions. It’s what we are all about. It’s ultimately what we want for all of our cats, and they are always happy occasions.

“However, once in a while an adoption will be bittersweet. Bitter for selfish reasons, sweet because every one of our kitties deserves a loving home.

“And so it is in the case of Levi. That’s right, you have helped make a genuine miracle possible: our senior boy has found a forever home with a loving adopter. After falling in love with him online, this amazing woman drove all the way from Pittsburgh – a ten-hour round trip – just to make him part of her family. With three other beloved blind cats, Levi’s new mom is no stranger to loving Special Needs kitties. As you can see in the photo below, he’s already making himself very much at home. Forever home.

“As you know, our wonderful, sweet Levi came to us from a vet tech in Newark, NJ. She knew that this dear blind, deaf, 16 year old boy was headed to a dark place. Her contact with Tabby’s Place, combined with the generosity of Paws and Claws Society, Inc., saved his life and changed ours.

Levi with his extraordinary new mama
Levi with his extraordinary new mama, with whom he's already smitten (and vice versa, more than a lot)

“From the moment he arrived, Levi has been stealing the hearts of staff and volunteers. Spend just one minute with him on your lap, listening to his loud purrs and feeling his head bumps against your cheek, and your blood pressure drops to normal, your heart swells, and his unconditional love puts you in an emotional place you never thought possible.

“Selfishly, we wish that Levi could stay with us in the confines of the Tabby’s Place lobby for the rest of his life. But it is our mission to nurture and care for our cats until they find their forever homes. We know that Levi’s adoption leaves us with a void. The sweet reality is that he will live a life of comfort and love with his new adopter for the rest of his days. A greater gift could not be given to our Levi.

“And so it is with a heavy, but happy, heart that we say goodbye to Levi and congratulations to the new human in his life. May he bring you much joy and love.

“Godspeed, sweet boy. You will be missed.”

It surely couldn’t be said better than that. But, since Levi’s love broke and healed many hearts, this post has a postlude. Volunteer Larry, step up to the mic…

“When I found out that Levi would be leaving Tabby’s Place for his forever home, at first I was sad. To say I will miss him is an understatement. Sadness was soon replaced with joy, happiness and wonder. I have knowledge of the wonder that is Levi. This special old man is now part of our history. He will live on in our hearts and memory. It is true we may sometimes miss him, and we will. But it is not true that he will be missed more than others. I think of Molly, Hillary, Yasmine, Chance and Erin.

Levi lovin' his forever home
Levi lovin' his forever home

“The images of these kitties are engraved in my mind and heart. We are also blessed to be able to share Levi’s love. I am overjoyed knowing that Levi is now in his Forever Home. Please remember: Once a Tabby’s Place kitty, always a Tabby’s Place kitty. A person who shares his home with a Tabby’s Place kitty is forever a family member.

“Please share our happiness.”

We know you do.

One last thing about stories: with apologies to Dawes, stories don’t end. Levi’s certainly doesn’t. And his adoptive mom has promised to keep us posted on the Tabby’s Place Facebook group.

Long live the deeper logic of love. Long live Levi.

Photo credits from the top: Mark, Mark, Danielle, Levi’s Extraordinary New Mama.

13 thoughts on “The logic of love

  1. I shed tears when I first read of his being saved. I now shed tears that I will no longer see him. But at least the reason I will no longer see him is the happy reason.

  2. When I heard LEVI was adopted I was surprised and happy for him. But I was sad for me, because I loved those necking sessions LEVI and I had every Sunday. LEVI used to rub my neck. As I walked through the lobby Sunday I kept saying the lobby isn’t the same without LEVI there.

  3. Definitely a mixture of sadness and elation here. I love that guy and am going to miss him so much…but so happy he found a loving home. Wonderful news, Angela!

  4. I guess we’re all said for ourselves but ecstatic for Levi and his new mom — an adopter who truly sees from the heart. From the pictures, it’s hard to tell who is happier, Levi or his new mom! A long, happy, and healthy life to both of them (and her other cats, as well) — the world needs more people like this wonderful adopter. Thanks, Tabby’s Place — for another miracle!

  5. I never doubted that Levi would be adopted. He had far too many fans for someone to let too much time pass before he was snatched up! Best of luck & happiness to Levi & his new family. He will be missed!

  6. Levi’s departure now brings up an important question…who replaces him as the home page cover cat?

    Since the unofficial rule seems to be to feature a cat who is friendly, readily adoptable, yet has a serious disability (yes, tugging at the heart strings does often help to find the cats a forever home), I nominate Sabrina, who fits all of the above.

  7. There is something so very special about working with, caring for, and loving a blind animal. When not at Tabby’s Place, I am a Dachshund rescuer who specializes in SENIOR Dachshund rescue. We have had 5 blind Dachshund grace our halls over the years. I am sure “the house rule” remains the same, be it canine OR feline: “Don’t move the furniture.” Blind animals know no limitations in every day life, for in most cases, they have never known life differently. But there is something so unique about the bond that develops between the blind animal and its caregiver…I would not have traded that experience for the world! It made me a better rescuer, caregiver, and person. On days when I thought I could do no more, thoughts of what animals like LEVI are able to accomplish daily allowed me to “look” forward again, and continue onward. Lots of love and luck in your new home, LEVI! We sure will be missing you here at Tabby’s Place!

  8. I never tire of reading about Tabby’s Place miracles. Tashi. Dot. D’Art. And now Levi. What CAN’T you do at Tabby’s Place? You guys just freakin’ ROCK.

  9. You are right-there isn’t always logic to love! People have asked why I traveled all the way to Jersey when there are so many special needs cats here in Pittsburgh. I volunteer for several cat organizations here and I certainly could have my pick of cats who need a home. But I have always gone with my gut feeling- “you will just know when it is right”. I have followed Levi on your web page for quite some time and for some reason-just couldn’t get him out of mind. (There were also other signs- I always wanted a tuxedo cat, Ezra-one of my blind cats-was almost called Levi, plus Levi was found in Newark-which is where I was born!!!) But most of all-his little old face on your web page just told me it was the thing to do. As I sit and read all the wonderful stories and memories you have all written and feel the love that you gave this sweet little guy all these months, I feel that someone was shining down on me-that I have truly been given a gift. I do not yet know what the reason is, but I do know that I have indeed been blessed to have this precious old cat become part of my family. Logical?-no. But I really feel it was just meant to be. (And I am thrilled to be part of Tabby’s Place family).

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