Friday I’m in love: Paco update

Friday I’m in love: Paco update

090727-paco-by-laura-2When do you love a cat even more after he leaves Tabby’s Place?

When he’s Paco the hero, that’s when.

Paco, loving life in his home sweet forever home.
Paco, loving life in his home sweet forever home.

Please don’t misunderstand me. We loved Paco mightily during his time at Tabby’s Place. It’s simply that he stayed an extremely short time. Short like an Oompa Loompa or a Snooki is short.

It was the way of Paco’s posse. The honey-colored cat blazed up the coast from Kentucky with seven other Southern stars. Their adoptions were so rapid-fire, they practically came with their own sound effects: FOOM! There went Serj. BAM! Off went Ashes. KAPOW! Paco blasted off into a forever home.

Paco, we hardly knew ye.

So as much as we loved Paco, our time with him was brief. You can only get to know a cat so well in the 0.47 seconds before — ZOIKS! — he’s adopted.

But thanks to Paco’s SuperAdopter, we know Paco a little better now…and we love him more than ever.

I’ll let that SuperAdopter tell the story:

130827-paco-forever-home-1“It was August 15, 2009 when I adopted Paco from Tabby’s Place. I have been so lucky to enjoy his company and continue being fond of his gentle and loving personality.

“We have shared great moments and also endured adversity together, like one year ago when our condo was hit by lightning and it caused a severe fire. Paco was alone at home at the time this happened, and he managed to stay safe until he was rescued by the firefighters.

“He is a true life warrior and survivor, and I am very proud of him. Just a few weeks ago we moved back into our rebuilt place. We are doing well and we are quickly adjusting to our routine.

“At this opportunity, I want to thank you all at Tabby’s Place for the great job you keep doing at rescuing homeless kitties, and we would like to contribute with our little grain of sand to that end. Please find enclosed our donation with our gratitude and admiration.”

Paco, we have never loved you more. SuperAdopter, thank you for sharing the wonder of your boy with us. Your love and generosity is far more than a grain of sand. May Paco’s many years ahead with you be free of all flames but the warm glow of love.

4 thoughts on “Friday I’m in love: Paco update

  1. I think that Paco was adopted the day before I adopted Juniper, I picked her up on the 16th of August if I’m remembering right! Great to hear he is doing well.

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous boy – look at the love shining from those eyes! So grateful that the firefighters saved this precious life and he is back with his awesome adopter and living and loving to the fullest.

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