Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Ready to Regular

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Ready to Regular

We’ve come full circle again. The year-end festivities are done, and the nascent new year is under way. There are surely few places in the world where New Year’s Day is not a holiday. That makes January 2 the first day of returning, of resuming routines, which is an irregular sort of regularity. But, come January 3, regular more readily returns…except at Tabby’s Place. There is no such thing as “regular” at Tabby’s Place.

Within the sanctum sanctorum, no two days are alike. Yes, there are those things that are necessarily and reliably regular, things the cats are assured of, like cleaning, feeding, and unbounded loving kindness. That last is the thing that leaves us in slack jawed awe from January 1 through December 31 year after year.

Your generous one-time donations, sponsorships, and planned giving keep the wonder, joy, and life-saving care flowing through the hallways and suites on all the days from holidays to “regular” days and all of the days in between. As we toddle unsteadily, taking our first questioning steps into 2024, we must, as always, be guided by the cats.

Lawrence reminds us to seek out love and friendship even when the world seems absolutely terrifying. He does this every time he twitches because of some random, slight sound. He recovers quickly to burrow harder and deeper into snuggles made damp by his vigorous head shaking, which typically necessitates a thorough eyeglass cleaning.

With a touch more reserve, Steven and Tux remind us to relish in life’s simple pleasures. They demonstrate the small, precious joys to be found on any typical day. For Tux, this means snuggling with a friend – often the cloud-soft Shelley – by the window, or just basking in the sun. For Steven, it means curling up cozily in a snug spot until a beloved human (Steven beloves all humans) comes by to dole out many pets and over-many treats.

For his part, Oram reminds us to embrace each day in full force with zest, gusto, and verve. He does so himself. We can see it in his playful, too-often successful, attempts to escape his suite in order to explore the great beyond (aka the Quinn’s Corner lobby). He does so with every batted toy (so many!!) and with every wrestling match between himself and one of his suitemates.

We would be wise to follow all of the sage guidance from Lawrence, Steven, Tux, and Oram, as well as that of every cat at Tabby’s Place and in our homes.

No matter how frightened, dig deep into the love. No matter how mundane, enjoy the smallest pleasures immensely. No matter how regular, jump into each day with full force of zest, gusto, and verve. This is a new year, my friends. It will become whatever we make of it. As you are the majestic and magnificent, and since we are all of Tabby’s Place, and because today we are ready to regular, 2024 is already on its way to becoming quite extraordinary.

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