Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Lawrence of Suburbia

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Lawrence of Suburbia



In case you’re wondering, this shouting is all about LAWRENCE!!!! This feral tabby landed upon our shore in June and is now totally doing his part to ensure the total takeover of Tabby’s Place by tabbies. Ensconced with veterans Steven (an orange tabby, for the record), Elijah, Boom, and Cassie, Lawrence is taking his time in making his presence known. Hence, SHOUTING!


Everybody needs to know this shy, sweet, tiny tiger. Lawrence has the head of a big cat in small proportions, which, when coupled with his body language, makes it tricky for newly-introduced humans to figure out if he is just super shy, or if he is apt to lash out from fear. Lawrence is not fearless. Lawrence does not lash out. Lawrence will, however, wriggle himself into a corner, lift his rear high in the air, and mush his face into an open palm with significant force. Never was a furry boy so very, very ready to be very, very loved. In answer to the oft-repeated question, “Are you a friendly?,” Lawrence shouts “YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!! SO MUCH VERY, VERY, VERY YES!!!!” When invited to exit his cube of safety (a cozy cubby above the crate used for his suite introduction) to visit on a bench, Lawrence will retreat – very unlike Lawrence of Arabia, who did nothing of the sort, never ever.

But, we’re talking about Lawrence of Suburbia (portrayed by Lawrence in 2023, as with each year since his establishment as a kitten upon this Earth), not of Lawrence of Arabia nor of the very famous actors who portrayed Lawrence of Arabia in 1962, Peter O’Toole, and in 1992, Ralph Fiennes, both of whom have the great misfortune of not being named Lawrence. To be quite clear, our feline Lawrence is not a Larry, even though Tabby’s Place wholeheartedly embraces every Larry that comes through the doors. This includes, 16-year volunteer Larry, who is a fantastic feral colony caretaker, the “other” Larry, who is a relatively new volunteer and doting adopter, and, of course, Larry the Lobster. (Valerie insisted that her beloved toy get equal mention, and her every wish needs must be granted; N.B. Larry the Lobster has a doppelganger that is ready for deployment when the original Larry the Lobster fails to survive its final wash cycle. There is even a tiny co-Larry, who understudies for original Larry on his “bathing” days, when volunteers keep alert for the very minute that Larry the Lobster is ready to be returned to the lobby).

Being Lawrence rather than Larry does not imply any strict formality or snobbery or preciousness. Far from it! (Although, Lawrence is truly precious!) Being Lawrence is to be fully and entirely named and known and loved. For a brief moment, that was only aspirational. But, Lawrence also has a surname: Rosenberg!  Lawrence has washed up on the shores of forever love and forever held and forever wanted in a sparkling sanctuary situated in the rural outskirts of the New Jersey suburbs. This means that Lawrence has Tabby’s Place to call home forever or at least until he is bundled off to a forever home with forever people. Here, Lawrence has everything he could possibly ask for and then some. There is a world of fish mush and treats and cuddles awaiting his pleasure. There is a trove of toys to choose from. There is feline and human company to enjoy to his heart’s content. There are cubbies and corners and nooks and crannies and beds and blankies and benches to choose from for quiet and comfort, for cuddles and companionship, for afternoon naps, and for after-nap naps.

Over time and with ample encouragement, Lawrence will lose some of the extreme shyness that may make some wonder, “Are you a friendly?” Over time, maybe Lawrence will become Larry, or Lovebug (He’s pretty much there already.), or the owner of a thousand nicknames bestowed by adoring staff and volunteers. Over time, Lawrence will come into his own, and he will push his face into the right palm and, thusly, the right heart at the just right time for forever to start. Until then, the shouting shall continue to ensure everyone will stop and take notice of one Lawrence Rosenberg, a.k.a. Lawrence of Suburbia.



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