Epilogues: July 2023

Epilogues: July 2023

As August ambushes July with a Super Soaker, we’re feeling ruffled in Ringoes.

Cats are reasonable. They do not expect life to be a constant stream of meat products. They accept that sometimes the best they can do is a burger made of twenty slices of cheese.

But no one at Tabby’s Place can accept the humid, horrid expression, “the dog days of summer.”

When you are as many-faceted as Topaz, you do not need full-length front legs to be perfect.

If there’s one thing that makes our cats’ cheese slide directly off its cracker, it’s the following sentence: “Aw yeah, that cat is awesome…he’s just like a dog!”

They say it about friendly cats. They say it about intelligent cats. They say it about cats who greet you or love you or hold up their end of the conversation.

They say it because they don’t know cats.

And anyone who calls August the “dog days of summer” does not know seasons.

But you know, kittens. You know that the season of fireflies and Perseid meteors is fully feline. And, being 49% feline yourself, you are too graceful to make a fuss about it. Let slobbering dogs lie.

Have you kitten cherishers wondered how wee Fantasia is doing? Tiny as ever, medically mysterious as ever, yet she thrives in foster care with our celestial Dr. C (and she loves you dearly).

Meanwhile, let cats tell the truth of July:

Arrived: Franklin, Barbie, Ken, Marius, Fantine, Javert, Gavroche, Athena, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Golbat, Zubat, Tropicana, Tofu Nugget, Nimona, Tortellini, Topaz, Andy, Apollo, Miss Marple, Katniss, Chloe, Jerome, Serendipity, Jay, Silent Bob, Loki, Bartleby, Rufus, Beau, Echo, Eira, Lumi, Neige, Sunny, Star, Ice Spice, Nicki

Adopted: Walker & Theodore (together; Theo pictured in top banner); McGregor; Pontius, Knoxville, and Steve-O (together); Snowy; Wacky; Krispies and Frootloop (together); Gordita; Oatmilk and Cocoa (together); Carlie and Nala (together); Sky and Audrey (together); NINA! (YES I AM YELLING!); Nachos & Quesarito (together); Poblano; Ebony; Marchand; Bonifacia (YELL WITH ME! LIFE IS GLORIOUS!); Topaz; Denali (OH MY SUPERMOONS!!!), Burrito; Berry; Pascal and Shauna (together)

“Why, yes, as a matter of fact my name is Jigglypuff. Do we live in an enchanted world, or what?”

Promoted to the Community Room: Harvey

Promoted to the Lobby: Antin

Promoted to Heaven: Tofu Nugget, Velma, Marius

Stuff We Learned: Miracles are as common as watermelon seeds. Bastille Day is for chatons. Hoopla Green is for adoring. The day we love is a good day, thunderstorms and all. The world containing people who name cats “Wigglytuff” is a good world indeed.

So let every dog have his day. We’ll be here with the cats, counting to four thousand, one by one by one by one.

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