Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Total Tabbies Tabby’s Place Takeover

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Total Tabbies Tabby’s Place Takeover

You might be familiar with Total Tap Takeovers. These events are coordinated between individual breweries and restaurants to highlight one brewery’s offerings. Each beer tap is specific to that brewery until the kegs kick (run dry, empty out, fail to produce further pints, go all frothy, skunk…ahem). Brewery representatives are sometimes onsite to hand out swag and informational materials, like a Dogfish Head Brewery bottle opener/keychain shaped like their logo (Wonder where that has gotten to…). Total Tap Takeovers can be really good introductions for new brewers, and they can be a fun way for established brewers to connect with their devotees. Takeovers are just a little bit different when cats are involved. This is especially true at Tabby’s Place.

Whenever cats are involved, takeovers are always total, as anyone with a lap and who has met a cat will understand. Add a cup of tea, a book, and a super cozy chair for a truly complete lap takeover. Differentiating things further, Tabby’s Place is different from homes, offices, bookshops, even, I daresay, breweries that provide homes for cats that “take care of” unwanted grain absconders. Yet, the Tabby’s Place cats are also pretty much exactly the same.

Without putting too fine a point on it, Tabby’s Place was established for the very purpose of giving cats a special place to take over completely (except the data closet and a very few other spaces).

Honing in on that fine point, it is the actual tabbies at Tabby’s Place that have totally taken over every space they inhabit. This is knowable and provable, but, dear readers, you can be the judges.

[NB: Nobody can sit on a jury for cats, as cats are peerless.]

If it pleases the court, presenting to be admitted as evidence, we have Exhibit A, the Lobby. Therein, Grecca, Boobalah, Valerie, and Prescott are reigning regally in their realm. With the greatest condescension (occasionally even affection), they tolerate their non-tabby cohorts Hips, Olive, and Nina. In truth, Olive, as readers should recognize by now, does the majority of the tolerating (barely), while the others, more or less, cohabitate happily and playfully, or just loudly.

The takeover of the Lobby is a coups de sanctuaire!

Meanwhile, Exhibit B, submitted herein for your consideration, is unfolding in the suites. Not to be outdone by other tabbies, and well on their way to taking over the entire world (or at least many hearts), Yuki and Alex are making waves in their different locales.

Yuki’s way is gentle, slow, persistent, and sweet. Alex, on the other hand, is extremely…Alex. His style is more taekwondo and less tai chi. Nonetheless, both tabbies have enjoyed the successes made possible by their efforts with both humans and felines alike. For what it’s worth, no one is actually willing to ask Alex exactly what he counts as a success with felines or humans. Some questions are best left unanswered anyway. Also, Alex really enjoys having his nose and right ear rubbed. Left ear? Not so much. And stay far away from that belly!

Further evidence presented is Exhibit C. This is a big one! It’s Baby! Having joined Angelo (for the record, not a tabby) in the Medical Suite, Baby has taken full advantage of a snuggle buddy, space for giant beds, and the windowed view of an active hallway. Relocation from the lounge to better attend to Baby’s needs is evidence of how much each cat is attended to in all the ways. Great big Baby is cuddled and coddled to his and our hearts content.

Finally, for no reason other than gratuitous enjoyment, Exhibit D shall now be proffered. The site is an office, formerly the domain of Volunteer Director Extraordinaire, Karina “Amazeballs” Jewitt, who can attest to this particular takeover.

Grey tabbies Bacon and Lornadoone are the sole residents of the space that they share. Humans visit, but, for reasons previously shared and then some, no person regularly works in that space at present. In fact, these office mates don’t even hang out together. Each one gets a total takeover for part of the day and enjoys the quiet of a cushy, personal space for the other part of the day. When the sun is up, Loornadoone takes over. Once the quiet comes with the moon, Bacon takes over. Together-apart, these two have achieved the ultimate takeover of hearts and minds.

At least some of us volunteers are OBSESSED with one or both of these two.

So, next time you find yourself at your favorite pub or bar looking for refreshment, peruse the offerings on tap. As you do, remember that the most vital takeover is underway at Tabby’s Place. All laps are welcome. Cheers!

P.S. Here’s a glimpse of a little orange tabby that is taking over every lap with the full force of his aggressive affection: Firestar.

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