‘Tis November, the month when cats understand us least. Why are we frittering away our lives reading clickbait like “47 Sentimental Snowmen For Hard-To-Shop-For Stepfathers” and “Sherpa Turtlenecks Your Boss Really Wants”? Why are we spending weeks preparing for poultry, when we could be eating it hourly? And what’s the deal with “giftable”?

Happy clappy June

It’s June, my little jitterbugs. It’s the happiest (handclap) clappiest (handclap) time of the year. Beach time. Pool time. Free-to-be-a-fool time. (Mark your calendars.) Are you singing? Why aren’t you singing? Sing to me, my angels of music. Better yet, swing this junebug into the nearest parking lot and tell me the truth, the way […]