Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Hipso Facto

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Hipso Facto

Life brings change.

Some change is good; some change is bad. Most change is neutral. Change is as inevitable as the shift from day to night, sunrise to moonrise. Hence the tautology, It is what it is.

Life delivered a great deal of change directly into the unsuspecting paws of Hips Rosenberg. Down one tail and up one sanctuary, Hips is unfazed, undaunted, and unfurled.

A fact of living within the glow of Tabby’s Place is sharing space with Hips. The human factor translates into one chonk of a white with gray cat draping himself around shoulders and energetically engaging with wand toy games. A primary duty for receptionists, both staff and volunteer, is to hold Hips, snuggle Hips, and accept Hips’ many kisses.

These are things to be taken both seriously and joyously. And, that’s Hips in a nutshell: seriously joyous.

This unconventional lover of all beings (mostly) likes nothing better than to kick off each morning engaging in a feline version of WrestleMania with Prescott.

A necessary rest period is often followed by “helping” with cleaning or playing games of billy goats gruff with Mika…that is when Mika isn’t busily dragging a soft tunnel around by a strap held in her teeth (Mea culpa for no video!).

By lunchtime, Hips will have taken time to downshift and park himself somewhere cozy. Secure in the knowledge of near-future fish mush or beef in creamy gravy, Hips begins restoring his energy and preparing for afternoon activities by napping in the sun.

Once visiting hours begin, the lobby begins to hum with activity (very quiet days are exceptions to the rule). Tour guides introduce guests to the lobby cats, which now include Harvey in addition to veterans Valerie, Grecca, Boobalah, and Olive. Caring individuals bring welcome donations, in kind and otherwise.

Through it all, one very loving, rambunctious boy accepts and returns admiration and attention with full force and highest energy…until he falls asleep ensconced in arms yet again. That will last until a wind whispers change in one fuzzy little ear. Such proffered suggestions are met with extreme gusto. Ultimately, this is because Hipso Facto, the very fact of Hips being Hips.

We humans can learn so much from this wonder boy.

No two days are precisely the same for Hips, for Tabby’s Place, or for anyone. The best we can do is to make time for play, for friends, and for rest…and don’t forget about meals!

We all can and should give our utmost to being seriously joyous. We can and should greet each and every day as well as each and every whisper of change with the same happy ferocity demonstrated by one sweet, tailless, brave, and beautiful cat.

We have to. Ipso Gusto.


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