Epilogues: June 2023

Epilogues: June 2023

Ask the experts: did we fail or prevail at Tabby’s Place this June?

Any month involving the Strawberry Moon would seem a guaranteed success.

But the experts are not so sure.

Dipsy (with mama LaLa)

Consider the evidence, adduced by Barrister Gator and Grecca, Esq.:

We neglected to advocate for our residents’ participation in a month of free Crunchwraps.

We failed to nominate a single Tabby’s Place resident for the tenure-track position of University Taste-Tester of Cheese.

In our feeble defense, we did land some ludicrously luscious adoptions, while welcoming eminents and emirates of incomparable elegance:

Arrived: Knoxville, Bitsy, Twinkie, Lawrence, Athena, Steve-O, Pontius, Dunn, Derby, Oatmilk, Cocoa, Puck, Grayson, Tiger, Esmeralda, Nala, Carlie, Oma, Pele, LaLa, Dipsy, NooNoo, Tinky Winky, Po, Lightning McQueen, Rainy, PacMan, Photini

Adopted: Claire, Whisk, Quokka, Pickles (!), Iris & Nemo (!!), Rusty (!!!), Mika (!!!!), Boba & Espresso (TOGETHER! COMMENCE ALL THE YELLING!!!!!)

If you are not irrevocably in love with Photini on the basis of this photo, I am concerned. But, of course, you are.

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Athena (with the luminous Bree), Millie (with the extraordinary Jae)

Returned: Cassandra

Promoted to the Community Room: Harvey

Promoted to the Lobby: Walker

Triumphantly Returned to the Lobby: Nina, whose tales of brain surgery have secured her election as the Lobby cats’ Homecoming Queen

Promoted to Heaven: PacMan

Stuff We Learned: Joy is not a scrimmage. Snow falls softly on the summer solstice. Terrible can unfurl into tenderness. Arthur is the king. Dunn’s ears are the size of mercy itself.

Scientifically verified: Dunn’s ears are the size of mercy itself. And growing.

Add all of this together, and you may conclude that June was a jumping jamboree of abject victory. But you, sweet kitten, are a human, and therefore unqualified to level such judgments.

We have it on feline authority that infinity minus one free Crunchwrap is absolute zero.

We’ll try harder in July.

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