Guest post: Mutual and everlasting

Guest post: Mutual and everlasting

Oh kittens, you are in for sumptuous fare today.

If Mara has commanded her own cozy kitchen in the hearth of your heart, wait until you hear where love has brought her.

She has a new name…true devotion…and two Dads who are about to make your day. XO, ATBarry and Eric write:

“Babette (Mara’s new name) quickly made herself comfortable with us in our home (and hearts!) and spent just one transition day in our ensuite bedroom, each of us taking time with her, before quickly desiring to investigate beyond. She now spends time exploring and napping in many parts of the house which has now been established as her domain!

We have a stone house, which means we have many extra wide window ledges. They make for a cozy spot for cat naps, critter watching, and perimeter checks/sentry duty!

She also loves the large L-shaped banquette in the dining room. It has padded cushions, many pillows, and SO MANY windows for quick prairie dog pop-ups to check out the world.

Babette quickly claimed her spot on our bed, which she graciously shares with us for nighty sleeps – and she sleeps! Her fave sleep spot us at Barry’s feet and on colder nights up in the crook of an arm! When she does awake, she greets up with purrs and kisses.

Babette has a very healthy appetite, which we attribute to several zoomies moments (on 3 legs?!) and a fair amount of play with us and on her own. She has some favorite toys, but prefers we play with her using a long piece of butcher’s twine! We spread feeding time throughout the day to make sure she’s happy, satiated, and energized. Babette is very vocal when asked if she’s hungry! She has fresh water that’s changed daily, in a few parts of the house and stays nicely hydrated.

We periodically find a curious cat way up where she shouldn’t be and firmly but gently let her know that’s not a good idea. A few sheets of foil will hopefully make these areas less desirable.

Overall, we are so very happy to have this beautiful being as part of our family and are surprised (not!) by how much we love her already.

We think it might just be mutual and everlasting!

Babette has her first vet visit this week. We’ll let you know how that goes, but we suspect everything will be great!

We are so happy we found Tabby’s Place, and that such a place exists, and that we met this sweet gal!”

Mutual and everlasting: such is the dream for every living creature. Thank you for being Babette’s feast, Eric and Barry!

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