Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Never Nobody

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Never Nobody

People spend too much time bandying about words that set hard limits. Frankly, such limits do not exist. Yet, we hear endlessly of “never.” We hear too much of “nobody” who does nothing. I have examples.

For one, it has been brought to my attention – that is to say I have been duly informed by an unconnected and technically uniformed individual – that there will be no crossover between the Die Hard and the X-Men movie franchises. Hence, Die Hardest: Adamantium will never go into post-production. It will never be in the can. It will never be a thing…except 1) in my head (DONE!), and 2) as potential fanfiction [Gauntlet thrown!].

For two, we are told that “nobody” is very busy doing nothing: not stopping, not cleaning, not helping, and most certainly not adopting that particular cat.

We hear it at Tabby’s Place all the time.

But, even before Tabby’s Place existed, I heard it in my own family. Nobody else was going to adopt that wonky, knobbly-legged kitten. So, my cousin brought home and doted on her excessively until Foam was too aged to continue her antics and could no longer run joyously until she lost control of those knees to end up splayed and happy at the foot of the stairs.

If we listened to such stories, we would think that such wacky wafers would never be adopted. We would think such nibblets would never find a home. Nobody else would have wanted to provide an unconditional forever of love. The real fact is that, for so many furry somebodies, nobody else who would have could have because those fur babies are so often already adopted. Also, never is not a thing and should be stricken from every language and in all its forms.

Still, we listen to stories and hear the songs of “Never” and “Nobody.” Sometimes we even believe them. But, there is a different song at Tabby’s Place. It’s called “Never Nobody,” and the subtitle is “Always Somebody,” and those, truthfully, are interchangeable.

At Tabby’s Place, there is Never Nobody available to lift Antin onto a blanketed lap for a snuggle. And, there is Always Somebody who is willing to try 553,244.6 different breakfasts (okay, maybe it’s only 3…or 5) to entice Grecca to eat.

There is Nobody Never who isn’t delighted to toss toys for Xena while petting Flower with Carrot firmly settled on their lap. These same individuals are tickled by toe beans on display in overhead, clear tubes. Somebody Always wants to go into the suite D solarium in the hopes of enticing Mr. Mustache and any of his cadre of companions through that particular tube to enjoy the fresh air and some crunchy treats (Beware of traffic jams!)

As for the rest of Tabby’s Place, there is Never Nobody who doesn’t believe that we are changing the world’s perceptions of a FeLV+ diagnosis. There is Always Somebody who is willing to point the unaware to better information and the opportunities that Quinn’s Corner provides.

With an amazing, dedicated staff and abounding, fantastic volunteers, there is Always Somebody ready to do whatever it takes to provide whatever any cat needs from chin skritches to life-sustaining medications. Personally, having a front row seat – actually on the stage – to watch Everybody Eternally working together at Tabby’s Place helps me sleep better at night.

Nobody? Never? Really? Wrong. Never Nobody. Always Somebody.

And, with that, I must excuse myself to go write something about how Wolverine climbs up the outside wall of the tower to help John McClane before he loses his shoes.

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