Epilogues: February 2024

Epilogues: February 2024

Cats excel at entitlement.

Cats excel at love.

In other words: the sun has not set on Valentine’s Day at Tabby’s Place.

Wario declares peace in his phenomenal forever foster home with Karina. (The bowl of chicken is just a bonus.)

I’m no sociologist, but I would bet my last pretzel that civilization would be improved by an increase in international Valentitlement. Consider the consequences of every living creature waking up with Hips‘s expectations:

“I shall be loved. I shall send forth love. Flotillas of love shall run the rivers of my life. Tortillas of Love would be an excellent name for a band. I shall invite everyone to join my band.”

Imagine it. You, and me, and Hips, and the wombats and walruses and Pedro Pascal, expecting that love awaits us in each room we enter. It gets there before we do. It follows us when we leave. It never leaves.

That’s revolutionary stuff, but we’ll be ready. Guerrilla grace has hijacked the calendar at Tabby’s Place, where Valentine’s Day drapes itself across the year like a certain tailless, “hopeless” cat across a lap. Now he just needs to convince us to extend burrito season.

But first, let us sing of the triumphs, travails, and tortillas of February:

Arrived: Delaney, Collette, Cora, Checkers, Pierre, Lincoln, Roy, Abacus, Poppa Lay, Olympia, Rick Astley, Mort, Bashful, Grumpy

Adopted: Melee, Tanis, Benvolio, Warren, Eira, Sir, Piper, Sylvia, Rosalind, Lucia, Monty & Wells (together), Winona, Rawlings, Flower, Ms. Tumnus, Malawi, Cassie, Marillo, I-95

Cora has corralled all of our hearts (and you shall meet her in an upcoming blog post)


Forever Foster Fabulosity: Penelope (with the spectacular Jae), Wario (with the magnificent Karina)

Returned: Delinda, Tempura

Promoted to the Community Room: Pol

Promoted to the Lobby: Farva, Collette

Promoted to the Lounge: Cora

Monty sees so much love in his forever home, one eye is plenty

Promoted to Heaven: Franklin (forever foster with the selfless Drew), Durin, Brenda (forever foster with the devoted Denise), Tempura (in the loving care of the same foster mama who nurtured her as a kitten, our phenomenal Jess)

Stuff We Learned: Beauty is as beauty does. The tortie calls the tune. And if you call Tabby’s Place “The Big Meal,” you are one wise tortilla.

So let’s go swing our shillelaghs and make each other some lucky charm bracelets. Let’s make sure every day in March bears the proper Valentitle of “Best Day Ever.” Let’s follow rainbows disguised as striped tails. We are the world’s tycoons, here among our purring pots of gold.

Pictured top to bottom: Durin, Mort, Wario, Cora, Monty…and Tom


Ground Control to Major Tom: you are breaking intergalactic limits of fluffitude

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