If you’re looking for a cat who knows how to shimmy, meet Hips.

With a swivel to his step and a swagger that puts Elvis to shame, Hips is a one-cat dance party. Consider this your formal invitation.

Not that there’s anything formal about our snowy comedian. Hips lives each day like he’s just heard the best joke in the world (and he can’t wait to tell you). Crashing through our Lobby like an elephant, he’s a stampede smushed into one meowing marshmallow. The world is his dance floor, and he won’t rest until he’s got everyone shaking their hips and shaking off their sadness.

But hijinks and hilarity aren’t Hips’ whole history. Our cheery comet has known great pain.

Fifty seven hundred miles away, Hips suffered a serious injury. Our veterinarian suspects a car accident, but we’ll never know exactly what happened. (Hips doesn’t like to talk about it.) Somewhere in Beirut, Hips’ little body was wrenched, leaving him with nerve damage, and a pulled tail. He could no longer feel his left shoulder or urinate and defecate without assistance.

Selfless rescuers scooped Hips from the streets but lacked the resources to heal him. Not even Hips could shimmy his way out of this one.

But across the ocean, music was playing. There was a sanctuary for cats just like Hips, where the broken and bewildered learn to dance again.

The Tabby’s Place song is heard around the world, so Hips’ rescuers sought our help. We were overjoyed to embrace Hips…and we were about to learn the true meaning of joy.

Even as we tended to his medical needs, amputating his tail to increase his comfort and cleanliness, Hips hurled happiness in all directions. The wild rumpus hasn’t stopped since.

In our Lobby, Hips makes celebration his vocation, acquiring an ever growing “dance troupe” of fans. This includes some, but admittedly not all, of our cats.

Hips is a lot of cat, and our more staid residents get tired just watching him whirl. Sometimes, Hips’ moves get him in trouble, as when he leaps into aggressive Anka’s pen. When it comes to friendship, Hips just can’t take “no” for an answer.

You can be part of Hips’ joyous “yes” as his sponsor. Our merry marshmallow needs someone to manually express his bladder and colon three times every day. Hips requires a daily medication that helps him defecate on his own, but he still requires some assistance. In order to keep Hips’ galumphing giddiness less frantic, he is on a second medication to help him stay comfortably calm during expression.

As irresistible as our whirling dervish may be, Hips will need a very special adopter. In the meantime, you can live at the heart of his happiness. May he have this dance?

Your donation will go where it’s most needed, ensuring we can provide for all of our cats.

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