FeLV Fund

Some say they’re hopeless.

Some say they’re unadoptable.

But Tabby’s Place says they’re positively magnificent…and worthy of unconditional love.

They’re cats with feline leukemia virus (FeLV), and they’ve never heard the word “impossible.”

Our FeLV+ family includes kooky clowns and championship cuddlers, kittens and elders, extroverts and pensive purring poets. While some gallop like giddy goofballs, others are mushy marshmallows. Glamorous calicos rub shoulders with sooty sprites and triumphant tabbies, a patchwork quilt of feline glory.

What brings them all together is a diagnosis that could have torn their lives apart.

Arguably the most feared condition in the feline world, FeLV was discovered in 1964, but each year we learn more about this retrovirus. Spread through such casual contact as sharing bowls or mutual grooming, the disease follows an uncertain course. While some cats thrive in robust health, others succumb to acute illness. FeLV+ cats are prone to such conditions as respiratory infections, dental disease, and lymphoma, but many outlive all expectations by years.

At many shelters and veterinary hospitals, a positive FeLV test marks the end of the road. But at Tabby’s Place, it’s the beginning of a beautiful life.

Like you, we believe FeLV+ kitties deserve all the love in the world. Our Quinn’s Corner wing is one of very few refuges for these darling cats, and you can make sure they’ll always have a haven of hope.

By sponsoring our new FeLV Fund, you’ll become a cherished champion for cats who once faced a bleak road, making up for all the lonely days. Your monthly donation will deliver world-class care and unconditional love, promising each FeLV+ cat: “you will never be forgotten…you belong to my heart.”

Please make a place in your heart for these positively lovable cats.

Your donation will go where it’s most needed, ensuring we can provide for all of our cats.