“The Cats of Madison County”

Everyone remenbers the movie The Cats of Madison County.  After all, it was directed by Clint Eastwood and starred him and Meryl Streep.  The film, which won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role, was about a National Geographic photographer who … Actually this post is about the cats of Madison County (and […]

The itsy bitsy Henry :-0

In a recent [[The itsy bitsy Bitsy|post]], Angela commented about Bitsy, contender for the world’s smallest cat.  Angela voiced concern that Bitsy was being exploited for the benefit of her human owners. Well turnabout is fair play.  There is now a cat t0uting that he has the world’s smallest human.

The itsy bitsy Bitsy

From titanic Paprika to teensy Chalupa, we like our cats in all shapes, sizes and colors at Tabby’s Place. But, there’s something about the teensy-weensy ones that just seems to tug at our visitors’ hearts. It’s nothing new that pocket-sized felines, whether kittens or just little sprites like Erin, seem to get the lion’s share of the […]

Art Cats on Display

My posts have been somewhat heavy recently, so I’ll lighten the mood with this post about some nice artsy, cat-related goings on in Catskill, NY. Catskill is hosting an outdoor art dipslay, called “Art Cats on Display.”

Jail Time for Former New Waver’s Cat Abuse

Several months ago I posted about the animal abuse charges against Dale Bozzio, former lead singer for the new wave band Missing Persons.  Bozzio was charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty after investigators found her house stuffed with neglected cats. Bozzio went to trial in April and was found guilty (though not of all charges) and […]

“And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps”

I wonder if any of you recognize the album cover to the left?  On second thought, if you’re old enough to remember (like me), your eyesight has probably deteriorated to the point that the image is too small to make out.  In any case, the cover is of a seminal rock album: “Stand Up,” Jethro Tull’s […]

Cats are winning the arms race

I have always felt that cats were quite well armed as they come from the factory: hyper-sensitive hearing, built-in night vision, razor-sharp claws loaded with deadly bacteria, bionic sense of smell.  The Department of Defense labs still can’t match this kind of armanent. But, apparently that’s not enough for some hawkish cats.