The itsy bitsy Henry :-0

The itsy bitsy Henry :-0

Cat adopts tiny humanIn a recent [[The itsy bitsy Bitsy|post]], Angela commented about Bitsy, contender for the world’s smallest cat.  Angela voiced concern that Bitsy was being exploited for the benefit of her human owners.

Well turnabout is fair play.  There is now a cat t0uting that he has the world’s smallest human.

Check out this photo of Henry Behrens, the smallest man in the world with  his pet cat.  Henry was only 30 inches tall and made a living traveling with a troupe of midgets (er, small people).3215204941_ed12bd296c

This photo was taken in 1956.  You can see more photos of Henry here.  Take that, humans.

3 thoughts on “The itsy bitsy Henry :-0

  1. Oh my goodness…I hope that Henry’s cat adopted Henry for the right reasons. It’s amazing what some cats will do to get in the news nowadays. 😉

  2. If only I could be that small…it would be akin to walking with a tamed panther or puma at my side. (Simone’s now off in La La Land…..aaahhhhh)

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