Victory for Rickie

Victory for Rickie

RickieSo you make it out of a high-kill shelter in the company of a uniquely spectacular clique of cats. One by one, each of your buddies is adopted, and you keep waiting, wondering…can a lovable, marshmallow-y, lumpy older boy find love?

Oh, Rickie, you needn’t have worried. Your forever home was mean to be long before you even came to Tabby’s Place.

RickieNow, I know I speak for all of us when I say I’ve never met a cat who didn’t amaze me, and who wasn’t a dazzlingly one-of-a-kind individual. Yet every so often we do seem to get a whole kindle of cats who are, individually and as a group, just plain spectacular. The Islip cats were one such group. Rickie’s crew was another.

Rickie came to Tabby’s Place with some of the gosh-darn-nicest cats we’ve ever met: bodacious Suri, madcap Diesel, gentle Alvin, personality-plus Fyodor, love-bug Bouncer, glamour-girl Demi. And then there was “Big Rick” himself: in both appearance and personality, “mush” would be the right descriptor. And, when I say that Rickie is “marshmallowy,” I’m not kidding; our size grande boy is as soft and sweet in nature as he is smooshy, white and fluffy in looks. Even Rickie’s one medical oddity is a bit marshmallowy: Rickie has a large, completely harmless, rather surprising, squishy blob of fat on his side.

RickieMaybe it was that oddity, combined with Rickie’s not-a-spring-chicken age of 11, that kept him waiting for his forever home as each of his friends was scooped up quickly. Months turned into a year, and we all scratched our heads over why such an extraordinarily sweet and loving boy should still be waiting for his family. We agreed to “push” Rickie to adopters, and did so with gusto, yet his wait continued.

Then we found out why.

Rickie’s meant-to-be forever home was truly special: the family who opened their hearts to blind pixie Bellis a year ago was ready for another feline family member. And, to all of our delight, Big Rick was the one.

BellisRickie’s been in his forever home just over a week now, and his new family reports that he’s doing magnificently. In typical go-with-the-flow Rickie style, our mooshy boy has already integrated peacefully with his feline siblings, and relaxing gleefully as though he’d lived there for years.

Waiting is hard…but, I do believe, infinitely worth it when something is meant to be. Congratulations, Rickie!

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  1. I’m always so happy when a Tabby’s Place resident goes on to their “forever home”, but I am thrilled beyond belief for Rickie that he’s gone to such special people who also opened their home to sweet Bellis. Best wishes to all!

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